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Nowadays, the little and cute jobs are not found all over the Internet – you know them, the ones with cover letters and all of these things. Well, believe it or not, those who are still working with the cover letters when going to hit a job are the smart job applicants. Their tips and tricks are making them feel the advantage and thus, understand that there are so great things to do in order to get that specific job. In case you are looking forward to know more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines!


Internet Job Boards have the Worst Jobs

Nowadays, companies don’t post their job offers on job boards. This is basically the main difference between a job seeker and another resume – the most ambitious ones are always heading to the company’s website and see there if there is a job offer for them. If you are uploading your resume on a job board, let me tell you that now you are just another resume that might nor might not be read, just like the other 1000 of them!


They say They are Freelancers

The smart jobs applicants never say they are pro – instead, they will always go with the safe line saying they are just freelancers and of course, show their experience in this direction. The main reason why saying you are a freelancer in such a situation is simple – every company has different job offers and different programs they run with, and saying you are a pro might be your worst move – and I mean it. Just think how easily the one who is standing in front of you could start testing you a bit to see what is your level of professionalism – and they might see that you have never used such a program before.

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The best option is to walk with a Resume

Yes, this is the ideal way – and the smart job applicants know that. Keep it with you at all times, in more copies, so that if you have two or three people in front of you, they will always know what you are saying by following your resume, each of them having one in front of them.


Wear Glasses

Yes, people who wear glasses look more intelligent and more likely to fit the job. Why not to take up this little idea while you can?


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