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Expanding a gardening business can prove to be financially fruitful. There is money to be made from the residential side as well as commercial projects. Here are some things to consider when looking to take the next step with your gardening business.

Provide a consistent service

Doing a good job will not only ensure that you retain your existing client base, but you are more likely to acquire new customers from it. Recommendations make up a huge percentage of any service-related business so delivering a first-class performance should always be a priority.

Analyse expansion possibilities

If you want to grow your business you need to analyse your data. You may be working non-stop and think that you can’t possibly take on any additional clients. This may also result in the assumption that you have taken your business as far as it can go. This is unlikely to be the case. Have you, for example, considered the potential increase in profits if you hire additional staff. You will, of course, have extra salaries to pay but more manpower may result in higher margins. Employing staff can be a daunting prospect but if you want your business to grow, you need to have the capacity to take on more sizeable projects and generate more business.

Getting the right equipment

If you want to secure larger commercial contracts you need the right equipment. You are unlikely to be offered a contract at the local golf course, for example, if you have a small residential push mower and some hedge trimmers. Investing in some larger equipment could make all the difference. Not only could it persuade larger companies that you can fulfil their requirements but it will also make your business stand out against some of your competitors. If you are looking to acquire contracts that involve vast acreage, consider hiring or buying some ride-on or commercial diesel mowers. Many red dye diesel suppliers provide it in varying quantities and within short notice making it not only cheaper due to its VAT rating, but very accessible. Larger mowers mean you can cut grass in a fraction of the time with consistent and professional results very time.

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Sell your services

You have to sell your services if you want your business to grow. Whilst hiring a gardener is something that people will always do, there are hurdles to be manoeuvred. One of the biggest is artificial grass. Many residential and business customers are swaying towards this because of the perceived long-term cost savings and reduced maintenance requirements. If a customer advises you that they are considering going down this route, give them an overview of the environmental impact it could have. Artificial grass sheds microplastics. It kills healthy soil bacteria, worms, and root systems. It also gets extremely hot so when used in a residential setting, it is not particularly good for pets or children. Research the facts and be ready to use them as and when needed.


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