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Do you feel the holidays just around the corner and realise there are little money left for them? Would you like to have a table filled with some super-delicious meals, a good wine and a fluffy pillow to put over youself? Well, all of them cost money. In general, holidays are the ones that make you spend an arm and a leg for the table and decorations, let alone about gifts! In case you crave for earning more, having a discussion with your boss to present your point of view to him might be a real help – stick with us to learn what is the best strategy to follow not to turn your boss in an angry mood!

Keep a friendly yet formal tone

It is crucial to be polite and express your worringness over the Christmas period, since we all know that the employers must come at work without taking their home problems with them. In this case, your boss might be likely to understand this aspect and your worries, as well! A friendly yet formal tone is likely to make him make up his mind and choose to understand you and give you a prospect into what to do for a bigger salary.

Do not be too straightforward

Bosses are the kind of people who do not have a lot of time to listen to your problems, but taking them and bitting around the bush might give you an allure of someone who knows how to cooperate and manipulate a person. Make sure to choose the right words, waiting for some time and be clear about what you want by using some beautiful and really delightful words!

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Another aspect in order to achieve a bigger salary is to cooperate – in case your boss wants you to be 24/7 at his side, be so! It is unlikely to call you more than once or twice, but as much as you can, be at his side and repay him this major favor. In addition, since he helped you with that, make sure to help him with everything needed and be always available for him – except the holidays and the moments you have a really well argumented reason why you can not.


Believe it or not, with a smile you can spot the starts! Putting up a smile when going into your boss’ office is a must, since the atmosphere may already be kind of tensionated. Once you come with a smile, that tension vanishes and you can easily spot the point of discussion you may be looking for!


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