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When it comes to finding the best product to sell and make money online or offline you need to know that not all of them are profitable. I want to tell you about 5 types of products that can make you the most money. And when I say to make you money, I mean by selling those products online or offline and making sure that you will never run out of customers and profit.

It is true that good products are hard to find, you always have a risk when starting to promote, that risk is the market, sometimes market will not be interested in what you have to offer.

And that’s one of the reasons why you need to stick with ones that were successful for hundreds of years, basically as long as human civilization exists you will have your piece of the pie and these products will make you money.

Here is the list of products you need to sell online or offline in order to make the most money.


Food Products

People need to eat, every second, minute, hour,  somebody eats hamburger or cheeseburger at some of the fast food restaurants. Some of the richest people on the planet are the ones that are selling food products. The market is always open and you can sell anywhere in the world, people will always be buying food. Lets see some of the richest fast food franchises like an example:

McDonald’s Net Income: US$ 5.503 billion (2011)

Burger King Net income: 107.8 million (2011)

Wendy’s Net Income: 9.9 million (2011)

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And these are just tip of the iceberg, food industry gets stronger every day, and you can see that by the  full shelves in your supermarket.



After food you could guess that drink is what every person needs, maybe even more than food. From alcohol, fruit juice, energy drinks to hot drinks and bottled water,  every person needs to drink and that is what makes it a great product to sell. You will never run out of business for sure, especially with selling an alcohol,  grown man always drinks alcohol instead of tea or juice. And we recently witnessed the power of  energy drink company called “Red Bull” sponsoring Felix and his jump from space. Let see some of the world’s richest companies that are selling drinks:

Red Bull: 4.25 billion euros in revenue (2011)

Heineken: €1.430 billion (2011)

Coca Cola: $8.634 billion (2011)

These products deserve to be mentioned all the time, so if you want to make most of the money offline, then sell drinks, and a lot of them.



Even today when we know that tobacco is bad for our health and that smoking causes cancer, people are still consuming it in large amounts every single day. It’s the industry that doesn’t show signs of stopping, cigarettes are consumed by old and young people. Cost of smoking increases every year and still market is hungry for more. If you want to get fast cash starting a business, then start selling and promoting these types of products, of course if you can live with knowing that it’s bad for health. But what is not bad today, right?

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Marlboro: US$ 8.59 billion (2011)

Winston: US$1.329 billion (2010)

Lucky Strike: £3.375 billion (2011)



Everyone likes to look good in clothes and everyone pays extra for that special suit or dress, it’s nice when you have designed clothes while walking down the street. Or when you have that important business meeting and you need to have nice suit for better first appearance and to close that deal. We can’t all afford designers clothes but we at least can choose one that is fitting our personality and that can help us feel comfortable in it. Here are some clothing brands that are making a lot of cash by creating beautiful clothes:

Gucci: € 4.2 billion (31 December 2009)

Armani: €1.8 billion (2011)

Dolce & Gabbana: 1,416.5 million euros (2011)


There you go, some of the products that can make you most of the money if you decide to sell them, online or offline. Some need deep pocket, some not, but they will definitively keep selling even if some of these brands disappear. New ones will come and just conquer the market, because market will stay and profits will only increase.


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