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With today’s hectic lives, we need to do whatever possible to make our workday that much easier and smoother. You would be surprised by the small steps you can take to make your office a much more stress-free environment.

Email vs. Phone call

Remember the days of the telephone conversations. First you would make the initial phone call. After a long winded message you would then be transferred to a secretary that could barely speak English, only to be cajoled into leaving a message to be returned later. At least half the day would be wasted waiting for an answer regarding a minor detail. Today, much of that can be avoided. By simply sending a brief email with a pointed question your answer can be at your fingertips within minutes.

Business checks

Another way to avoid unnecessary aggravation is with the great innovation of computer printed checks. No more writing checks or having to keep track of checks stubs. The checks are created straight from your computer. Whether you use Quickbooks Intuit or any other accounting software, the checks are designed to be generated directly from your program of choice. Therefore, all the important information that you would like on the check, is always included. No more missing or unorganized check writing.


Instead of each employee keeping track of their arrival and departure times on their own spreadsheets, have everyone use the same online program to keep track of the time. There will be numerous benefits to both employer and employee. The employer’s benefit include being able to keep track of employees work scheduled from any computer, whether in or out of the office. You have access to everyone’s schedule whenever you need it, all at your fingertips. Additionally, you do not have to rely on the employee’s good faith. The employee must be at their computer to punch in or out. The employees benefits are great as well. They can see cleary how many hours they worked over any period as well as their vacation days accrued, without unnecessarily bothering another person.

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Going Paperless

What may seem like a more time consuming task at first, with just a little bit of a readjusting this can be a really great improvement. No more missing papers or files. All documents are scanned and then saved in the client’s folder. No more printing out long documents to save in the file for future reference. As soon as a document is emailed, its saved directly from the email to the client file. Therefore, whether it’s the next day or the next year that the client calls looking for something important, it’s always easy to find and locate. You look organized and professional, leaving both you and more importantly the client happy. You will see right away how many numerous headache scenarios are avoided this way. Once this system is in place, it really is a no brainer.

These are just a couple of ideas that have come to mind. You can think of many more ideas to enhance your day by just setting aside a little time to turn your stressful moments into stress-free moments!


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