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As an online business owner, it goes without saying that you want your ecommerce site to be as profitable as possible. But since you are still working full time at a “regular” job while running your online company as a side hustle—at least for now—you are not overflowing with extra space in your schedule.

Because you are strapped for time, it is important that you embrace some practical yet time-efficient ways to capitalize on the changing marketplace, which will help your online business grow. With that in mind, consider the following tips that can help your ecommerce website thrive:

1. Study Those Who Have “Made It”

Draw inspiration from successful entrepreneurs who offer advice and ideas on how to adapt to changes in the online marketplace. A great example of someone to follow is Joshua Cooper Ramo, a thought leader who offers networking insights that will help you navigate the complex corporate world. In a recent video from C-SPAN, Ramo discussed his book “The Seventh Sense” and the concept of how having a solid sense of curiosity and a willingness to make needed changes can help you to succeed.

2. Be Willing to Over-Deliver

No matter how the online marketplace evolves over time, one thing will always remain consistent: customers want to feel valued. In order to achieve that, set benchmarks for your products and services and then try to exceed these goals. This is especially true for first-time customers. Strive to over-deliver on everything from shipping time to follow-up emails, and maybe even consider adding a freebie packaging insert to the box. Remember that a happy customer will come back again and again to your ecommerce site, so do everything you can to make each shopping experience an ideal one.

3. Embrace Changes

The online business world is constantly evolving—even faster than brick and mortar businesses. One of the best ways to manage changing trends in the online business industry is to adopt a “When in Rome” mentality. Rather than push back at current movements in the ecommerce world, try to be open to them. A good example of this is social media; nowadays, people expect an online business owner to not only have a great looking website, but also to be active on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have been resisting launching social media pages for your business—for example, if you feel you can take care of all of your business on your ecommerce site and won’t benefit from a Facebook page—set aside your stubborn views and get active on these sites. Post information about your company and current sales on social media and respond to all questions and comments as quickly as you can; you may be pleasantly surprised to see an increase in sales.

4. Find a Mentor

Another great way to succeed in this rapidly changing online world is to find a mentor who has “made it” and emulate some of the things he or she is doing to succeed. If you have the opportunity to attend a trade show, look for chances to meet other online entrepreneurs and see if you can strike up a relationship with one who can offer you words of wisdom on how to embrace changing trends. Or, follow your favorites online. For example, look up A Miracle Unfolding owners Ashley and Tyson Gardner or Mike Brown from Death Wish Coffee.

By Adapting to Change, Success Will Come

Between your day job and your online business, you are definitely busy. While you might want to keep things as status quo as possible in your ecommerce business, it is important to find ways to manage the ever-changing world of online companies. By gleaning advice from successful entrepreneurs, trying to embrace change rather than reject it, and focusing on offering a top-notch customer experience, your ecommerce site is sure to thrive.

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