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Many tiny retailers across the US are preparing for Small Business Saturday, the annual event geared at driving traffic and sales for local shops. This year the day falls on November 24th, two days after Thanksgiving and the day after Black Friday.

This special day has only been around a few short years but is already causing waves among many local business owners. It has grown exponentially over the last few years and is now a bonafide hit among consumers and retailers. However those who have experienced success on this day, have done so because they have set up special promotions and activities to draw in customers. For good tips on how to use Small Business Saturday for your benefit, see our tips below.

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4 Ways Small Business Saturday Can Help Your Shop


1. More Traffic –

Small Business Saturday can potentially drive more foot traffic to your shop if you set up strategic promotions now before the big day. Whether giveaways, contests, nice discounts or cash back offers – use these to generate interest and visits to your store. When they do come on Saturday, make sure to make it special so that they return again and again. Get to know them and also get their email address, have fun and most important of all; be helpful.

2. More Exposure –

One thing this event can certainly do is create more exposure for you and your brand. It can in many ways be the catalyst for any major announcement or product release you wish to announce to the world. One thing to keep in mind also, is that Shop Small has a Facebook page which is frequented by other small business owners looking to mix and mingle with those seeking information on the topic. By joining and becoming active on the Shop Small Facebook page, this could lead to more exposure for your business.

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3. More Sales –

With more traffic and exposure, more sales usually follow. You can get the ball rolling by thinking of the items or services that consumers will most be looking for during this time. It could be that during the busy Holidays everyone is looking to save time and will pay a premium for convenience. So if you offer a service that saves consumers time, now is the perfect season to trump that feature out. Saving time is huge during the Holidays, use that as your BIG advantage.

4. More Networking Opportunities –

Small Business Saturday is also a great time to network with others, whether it is other small business owners or consumers. Everyone has something to offer and you never know who you might run into (offline or online) that can give you some excellent tips or simply share a great story with you. You can also do the same for someone else. Keep your eyes and ears open for the privilege to help or receive help from someone else in the same boat.

Shop Small is an annual event that has proven to be well received and liked by many US consumers, so take advantage of this good will and do what you can to include your business in the mix. Offer what you can, promote like crazy and get those LOCAL customers in the door.


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