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Starting a law practice is a huge achievement, but professionally running a law firm is a different story. Expertise and experience in law are not enough to ensure that your legal practice is professionally managed. The secret ingredients of running a successful law firm include:

  • Knowing when to go home from work.
  • Understanding when to enforce rules.
  • Comprehending when to overlook certain rules.
  • Learning excellent record keeping.
  • Overlooking platitudes.
  • Expanding your horizons by reading more.
  • Understanding when to hire and when to fire.
  • Hire an attorney answering service.

Nonetheless, these are just but tips of the iceberg. Revealed herein, are 4 ways to manage your law firm better.

1. Learn to listen before uttering a word

You have employees who work at the front desk and they are usually the first people to see things that you may not see. They are often familiar with what your clients are overly concerned about, reasons why postage machines are out of order and what precisely the clerk working for the judge needs. Therefore, it is imperative that you listen keenly to the issues on their minds prior to providing them with instructions on what to do or before reprimanding them for the things you think that they have done wrong.

2. Make a point of checking your fear and worries at the door

When starting your law firm, odds are that you had sets of preconceived ideas on how to properly run a law firm. Sadly, you were trained as a lawyer and not as an office manager. Consequently, it is possible to have employees on your payroll who have better ideas on how to improve the efficiency of your law practice. So if you are more than willing to put aside your worries and fears as a result of changes which come with trying something new, you will realize that new ideas provided by personnel often work better. Besides, if the proposed ideas are not working you can always drop them.

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3. Do not be afraid to learn new things

It is never too late to learn new things. Remember, there are attorneys who are smarter than you since they have been in the business longer than you have. Talking to lawyers, especially attorneys who own their own legal practices will enable you to acquire fresh ideas on how to push your law firm further. Ignoring these ideas might cause you to become stale within a short period of time.

4. Always learn to recognize greatness

Every now and again, you will recruit an attorney or associate who has a brilliant mind. Besides their experience and skills in law, such people will always care more about your clients, go the extra mile to ensure that the office is operating smoothly and do all they can to ensure that they are a success at the law firm. If you have this kind of person in your staff, do not allow them to be poached by a rival firm. If you are yet to recognize such an individual, make an effort of looking for them.

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