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Do you live in a place that becomes frigid during the winter months? If so, you most likely watch your power bill climb, so much so that you cringe every time the bill arrives. But have you considered the possible ways you could cut your winter power costs as well as reduce your reliance on your furnace to stay warm?

Prepare Warm Meals

You pay attention to the fact that, during the different seasons, you change your clothes to reflect the temperatures. During the summer, you wear shorts, and in the winter, you bundle up with a coat and hat. But have you noticed how the foods you enjoy eating change with the weather as well?

Do you like to eat soup when temperatures are hot outside? Probably not. However, if you are trying to stay warm during the winter, consider cooking meals such as soup to warm your body from the inside out. Instead of drinking water with dinner, opt for hot tea.

Use Warm Blankets

Instead of rushing to turn up the heat, find alternate ways to stay warm, such as curling up under a blanket while you read or watch television.

When you are not up and moving, you can easily find yourself sitting still and becoming chilly in your home. Don’t immediately turn to your thermostat to fix the problem. Instead, consider using a blanket to keep you warm. If you wait a few minutes, you may find that you are sufficiently warm, and you will have saved money instead of turning up the heat.

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Dress in Warm Clothing

Similar to wrapping yourself in a blanket to stay warm, consider dressing in warmer clothes so that you don’t have to run your furnace all the time. Instead of bundling up when you go outside, keep your house temperature somewhat lower and put on a sweater or wear thicker socks. You’ll be amazed by how a slightly warmer outfit will keep you from having to turn up the heat in your home.

Fix Drafty Windows and Doors

If your home is properly insulated, the only other culprits that could allow cold air to seep inside are drafty windows and doors. Although you may not want to spend the money on replacing your doors and windows, you can take measures to reduce drafts. Leaky doors can benefit from weather-stripping and a bath towel rolled up and placed at its base.

You can also use weather-stripping on windows, or if the entire window is drafty because of its single-pane design or leaks all the way around the frame, consider putting up a temporary barrier, such as plastic. Also use blinds and curtains for an attractive way to cover the windows while also reducing the drafts.

Tired of continually running the furnace in your home to stay warm? When you use the four tips presented above, you’ll not only become less reliant on increasing the heating temperatures, but you’ll also save money on your home’s heating costs.


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