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Let’s be honest, we have all struggled financially at one point or another.

Whether it was an unexpected repair or an untimely medical cost, these expenses can put a strain on your emotional and physical well-being.

However, with that said, there are ways to help offset the financial burden these unexpected costs can bring.

In this article, we will show several methods to make $500 fast to help ease the burden of unplanned expenses.

Let’s get started:

1. Sell your Belongings:

Earning $500 takes a bit of time.

It is true that there are several ways to earn money fast; however, the fastest is selling the stuff that you do not use anymore.

Look around your house. Much of the clutter lying around is probably of no use to you anymore.

Electronic gadgets, furniture, books, clothes, and shoes, can all be sold if they are still in usable condition.

You can put them up for sale in your own backyard or garage. You can also list them on websites such as eBay or Craigslist.

Nonetheless, whoever you sell your things to, just make sure you get a fair price.

2. Sell your Services:

You can start a part-time job along with your primary source of income.

In your free time, you can wait tables, or perform at parties or weddings.

You can utilize apps such as Uber and Lyft if you don’t mind providing rides to individuals who need them.

You can also write, sing, dance, or, if nothing else, just offer your voluntary services.

But, if earning $500 quickly is your aim, make sure you do it at a place that is willing to pay you more then what others are offering.

For example, volunteering at an event in a 5-star hotel for one evening will fetch you better cash than waiting tables in a mediocre restaurant for a fortnight.

If you can play a musical instrument or can sing or dance well, you can temporarily join a band which regularly performs at high-end venues.

Doing so will not take up much of your time or effort, but it will leave you richer than you were before.

3. Start freelancing:

People need photographers, writers, and website managers all the time.

Keep an eye out for these types of people. When you find them, offer to work for them.

You can write articles or edit pictures for their blogs.

Some Instagram celebrities are looking for new upcoming photographers to get their photoshoot done.

You can do their work for them at a reasonable rate.

The beauty of freelancing is that you can choose your workplace and your work hours. Also, you will not be required to work every day. You can choose to work a few hours for a few days and then take a day off if needed.

You get paid well and also gain plenty of exposure.

This will pave the way for you to earn more work. Websites such as Upwork offer a great platform for freelancers.

4. Outsourcing:

Outsourcing is, perhaps, the best way to make $500 in a fast period of time.

The process of outsourcing is simple: you take up the responsibility of getting someone else’s work done, but instead of doing the work yourself, you outsource it to a professional who can do it faster and better than you can.

You keep half or near half of the entire amount offered to you for your work, and pay the rest to the person who actually got the job done.

For example, your neighbor is willing to pay you $5 to walk his dog. You take up the offer but instead ask a friend to actually walk the dog. Your neighbor pays you $5, you keep $2 and give $3 to your friend who did the job.

Many people have companies who run solely on outsourcing.

This saves plenty of time and effort, and you have a good amount of profit coming in.

Meanwhile, you can invest your time in earning money from elsewhere. That is why we consider outsourcing to be one of the best methods on this list.

5. Borrow Money Online

If you really find yourself in a bind, opting for a payday loan may prove to be an excellent option. Numerous companies like ElcLoans offer instant approval loans online.

For those who may not know, a payday loan is essentially an advance on your paycheck. However, it is important to remember that they tend to have a high interest rate, so you should only use this method for emergency repairs or unexpected bills.

To recap, borrowing money online is a great option for those individuals who may require some extra cash to hold them over until their next paycheck.


Making money requires patience and hard work.

No matter how fast you wish to land $500, you will still need to work with dedication and perseverance.

Remember, it is better to work smarter and not harder. Look for ways where you will not have to invest a lot of time, but can still gain money from it.

Money should be your sole motive during the time you are working towards your goal of $500.

Stay focused, work hard, and you will achieve your goal!

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