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In times of crisis, one of the most prized assets is work. Many times a job loss can happen without your fault, but in some examples it is a matter of attitude. As it is something that can be prevented, here are some tips in order to keep the job.

1. Passive attitude in the office

Any leader is looking for his employees take the initiative. They do not want to be constantly saying what you should do, because you are giving them more work with your arms crossed and do the bare minimum work. Taking the initiative and being proactive are values ??that will make you keep the job and even move up within the company. The path of least resistance is to blame for losing work to many people.

2. Taking time for personal business

Outside of work it is clear that we all have lives, but in the work our lives should be left out until we leave the office. Making online purchases, excessive personal calls within the office and more are things that are not well regarded within the office, because that is the place to work. Organize your time and your personal life as they will not only serve to avoid losing a job, but they will help us be happy in our own lives.

3. Continuous complaints about work

What’s even worse is complaining about anything having to do with work. Certainly, not every day you’ll have the same desire and impetus to work, but the least you can do is hide it or give yourself a new perspective on things. If we go with a negative attitude, it is clear that the complaint will be assured.

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4. Individualism

People who work for a single goal and not for the good of the team and company are not well regarded within the office. Nobody wants to work with arrogant or selfish partners. Help your peers who are considered as friendly and nice to work with people. You have to try to create a positive image about yourself. Losing your job for not knowing how to work in teams is a matter of attitude you need to know to improve.

5. Being late for work

Arriving late or leaving early. If someday there’s lack of work then yes you can leave work early or arrive a little late because you had an important meeting before. But it is not something you should allow become a habit. Schedules are there and you must comply. If you arrive late and the boss finds out you may lose the job.


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