The web has changed a lot when it comes to spending, ordering, buying and of course saving. We are going to give you a list of 5 cool websites that can help you save money.

1. Rent the Runway
You are going to a fancy event? You don’t have nothing to wear? You don’t need to buy something fancy and spend a lot of cash on it, you could visit and rent the clothes you need for that one event.

2. thredUP
With thredUP you will be able to fin cheap clothes or sell the clothes you don’t need anymore and even earn some cash. This is a market for second hand clothing. Second hand clothing can be in great shape, so don’t worry that it is second hand.

3. Swap A DVD
Do you plan on watching a movie tonight? How much money are you spending on streaming or DVD renting services? Try Swap A DVD and enjoy more then 250 000 movies available to swap with people ont he site.

4. CarmaCarpool
How much money are you spending daily on your travel to work or to visit your friends or family? Try Carma and find carpool buddies for different activities to share the driving costs.

5. $5 dinners
Good meals can really cost a lot. $5 Dinners blog provides users with coupons, recipes and tips on how to create an awesome dinner for just $5.