Nobody is perfect but when it comes to work and business communication between co-workers or business partners we must be careful about impression we make.

We are all bound to adding a few bad word now and then during our everyday communication, but exactly that and similar details leave a certain  impression of us being unprofessional. Check out the few most common habits that could make you look unprofessional.

1. Vulgarity – This is probably one of the most common habits that could leave a bad impression on our co-workers

2. Being Late – Being on time is professional, regardless if it is a business meeting or just being at work on time

3. Not Being Organized – Every job is different, but in time we must learn how to organize it in order to make everyday work easier. The lack of organization leads to wrong impressions.

4. Too Much Promises – Never promise something you cannot deliver

5. Secrecy – Keeping important information from your co-workers or business partners  is one of the worst things you could do, it can even lead to client loss