CB5TAC Pretty young woman driving her new car

When you think of used cars it’s easy to imagine a boxy old brute that only students and OAPs would drive with rust creeping up the sides and a guttural cough sputtering out of the exhaust, but that couldn’t be further from the truth and there are actually a lot of bonuses to buying used.

More for Less

We’ll start with the obvious—used cars cost a whole lot less than new ones. But this benefit goes beyond just the money you save. Cars have a bad habit of dropping dramatically in price the moment they’re driven off the lot, which means buying used puts prestige brands and optional extras in the reach of those who could never afford them otherwise.

Savings on Insurance

The age of a car has a strong influence on the insurance group it belongs to and therefore how much a policy would cost. The groups are numbered from 1 to 50, with 1 being the cheapest, and just a few years can lower a car’s group by five or even ten places, which translates to a big saving on cover.

Savings on Tax

This one may sound odd—usually tax bands are based on carbon emissions and older cars tend to be worse on this front—but because of the new rules coming in next year VED will be going up considerably for everything but zero emissions cars that cost under £40,000. However, cars registered before March of 2017 will continue to use their old tax codes, so there will be a lot of potential savings in the used market.


These days, reputable used car dealerships like RRG Group offer full warranties and breakdown cover for their vehicles. This not only protects you from the unexpected, but also lets you rest assured that the dealer’s products are in good condition.

Freedom of Choice

The only cars you can get new are the ones that actually are new, but when you buy used you have access to any model of car you like the look of, just so long as you can find it. If you’re in love with a make or style that’s gone the way of disco, there’s no reason you can’t still have one as long as you’re willing to drive a pre-loved vehicle.