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5 Best and Cheapest Websites to buy Stock Photos

2 Mins read

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It’s a beautiful Friday and I’m about to go out and have some fun, but before that, I wanted to share with you some interesting info that will help you to save money online. I will share with you some of the cheapest websites to buy stock photos online, but by the cheapest I don’t mean bad quality but very affordable and best in the class.

You see where the web is going, the more and more websites are using images instead of  content, we all love to see big, hd pictures that make our heart go wild and happy when we’re on the website. Gone are the days when your favorite blog is black and without any images.

I usually look for the websites where I can get at least 10 pictures for the cheapest price, and as you notice here on MakeMoneyInLife, photos are playing the big role on my blog.

Why? Because all those unique photos brought me more visitors and backlinks, people like them, share them and copy them too, some put the link back to my blog and some don’t, but  it gets me a nice number of backlinks.

Finding the best Stock Photos website can be hard, but since I get the experience, I decided to share them with you.

5 Best and Cheapest Websites to buy Stock Photos!

One of the best, the cheapest, with the biggest community and the biggest database of stock photos online, I must admit I use them a lot and they are one of my favorite. On Fotolia, you can buy a stock photo for as low as $0.74, if you want to save money on stock photos use them and don’t pay a fortune for stock photos anymore.

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Crestock offers high quality royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector images at low prices. Buy Pay & Go images from just $1 per image. This is my second favorite, it’s cheap and it has amazing photos, highly recommended.

The best stock agency with millions of premium high-quality stock photos, royalty-free images, illustrations and vector art at affordable prices. Pay for image as lows as $0.72, great place to save some money while buying high quality stock photos.

If you decide to buy credits, for example on 123rf, for $20 you can get 20 photos, I call that really cheap and affordable. Prices go as low as 0.44 per image. Try them out and keep most of your money in your pocket while still owning the web with unique photos

Great place to buy stock photos for cheap price, you can get 11 credits for as low as $14, and subscription plans are even better.

There you go, one of the best and the cheapest websites to  buy stock photos and save money, this post is not promotional or anything.  I created this list from my personal experience with using these websites, I needed the cheapest places for buying stock photos because I use a lot of them on my blogs. Enjoy and tell me in the comments if you have any other great website for buying cheap stocck photos for your website or blog.



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