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The Internet was developed in the early 1990s to more easily share information. In its short lifetime, the Internet has exploded, and revealed worlds of information to anyone who looks for it. As with any great positive, however, there are always negatives. The web is also filled with junk and with people who are looking to hurt others.

As you look for a weight loss plan or a new internet marketing business to start up, be wary of these common fabrications.

1.     Get Results Overnight!

As amazing as this would be, it’s absolutely never true. If a weight loss plan promises to show any kind of results in 24 hours, then it is extremely unhealthy for your body. To lose weight healthily, you should be losing no more than 2 pounds per week—never per day. As most reputable weight loss companies will tell you, like Weight Watchers, there is no such as thing as a magic weight loss pill.

If you ever see an ad promising to take your blog to the top of Google searches overnight, take the same precautions. You certainly can build your site up in search rankings, but the only way to do this so quickly is to fill your site with spam backlinks and you’ll sooner or later get taken down anyway. Avoid these overnight promises.There is no instant gratification solution in blogging and if anyone tells you they can sell one to you, you should be certain that they will hurt you.

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2.     No Effort Needed!

Again, that would be awesome, but of course you need to put in effort. If you didn’t need to put in work to lose weight or start a successful blog, wouldn’t everyone be skinny and making millions of dollars from their blogs? In the end, the more work you put into yourself or your writing, the better results you will see.

3.     Click Here for the Secret to Success!

There’s no secret to creating the best blog, like there’s no secret to losing weight. It takes good ideas, writing and SEO to create a successful blog. It takes diet and exercise to lose weight successfully. There are no secrets, only common sense.

4.     Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!

Contrary to what is said by most internet marketing gurus who are trying to sell you their program, you can’t set up a big online business on a shoe string. Usually you have to leverage on something and that something will not be cheap. In weight loss the best results are often those that come from working with good mentors and the best mentors are not cheap. If you compare yourself to super-fit celebrities or if you compare your online business to top-notch sites, they all work together with coaches and consultants that are not cheap.

5.     Testimonials

These testimonials can be very convincing, showing how one man lost 50 pounds in one week or how one woman earned a thousand dollars in a day from her blog. Don’t let these fool you. These success stories are easy to make up, and many of them are made up. Many times these testimonials are also a form of a joint venture between people; marketers agree to offer their products for free in return of a good testimonial.

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