Shopping with Credit and Debit Cards is part of our daily lives. We every day pay something with our credit cards. However, we often forget that just like money they can be stolen, of course not in a regular way. If someone steals your credit card, you will report the card stolen and it will be blocked, but someone could steal your credit card number and even your data. So we decided to remind you and create a list of 5 security tips regarding credit card use you should remember once in a while.

1. Your credit card is the same as cash

Do you happen to give a bartender a huge pile of cash and then say I would like to open a tab? Why would  you do that with a credit card? Don’t leave your credit around, and most definitely don’t give it to everyone.

2. Online shopping needs to be done via trusted websites only

Everybody shops online nowadays, and we are typing in our credit card info with ease. Since we are all so used to shopping online, we easily forget how snatching credit card information can be easy. In order to be safe, we need to check whether we are shopping from a certified and trusted website. Always be sure to check whether domain has SSL certificate and whether it is using https instead of http. S in https stands for secure. But most important thing of all is be sure that you are shopping on well known and trusted website. Check for reviews on the web, and be sure that the site has previous customers.

3. Use caution when travelling

Be extra careful when you are traveling. Only use ATMs from banks that are known to you, or are very well known locally in the country you are visiting. Do not swipe your credit card in some unknown souvenir shop, it is wiser to hit ATM, and pay with cash.

4. Avoid public PCs and Wi-Fi networks when shopping online

We often don’t choose where and when we are shopping. It is wise not to shop and enter credit card date while connected on a public and open Wi-Fi network. Also buying something via PC from a public library isn’t wise as well.

5. Never save your CC number and keep your PIN safe

Never, I repeat never type and save your credit card number in a document and especially a document that could be hosted in a cloud. You never know when you will pick a form of virus or trojan horse that will scan your PC for numbers and passwords. Of course this also goes for your PIN, and never, I repeat never give out your PIN to anyone, especially not to that nice lady at the store around the corner.