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Having a job in today’s economy is somewhat of a luxury. Even those lucky enough to have some sort of employment, however, may not be earning enough to follow through on their goals or sometimes even get by comfortably. If you find yourself in this position, what can you do to make a bit of extra cash fast? Consider these options to expand your economic profile and earn that money you need to make your goals come true:

1. Clean out your closet.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to make extra money is by simply selling your old possessions that you don’t need or use anymore. You can clean out your attic or garage and organize a yard sale or, if you find several more valuable pieces, you can even sell them online. Look at the clutter throughout your home and seriously think about what you need and actually use versus what you’ve kept out of laziness or obligation. If you have updated any of your electronics lately, why not sell your older version to get back some of your investment? Don’t let yourself sit on valuable goods out of nostalgia alone!

2. Rent it out.

If you have extra space in your home, yard, storage area, parking lot, or any other space you own you could easily rent the extra room to others in need. This is one of the best ways of making continuous money without having to input much labor or time – you simply work to find someone to rent from you and then sit back and watch the rent payments roll in, doing maintenance work every now and then when needed. You can also rent out open spaces on your home, on your car, or on your clothes to companies looking to advertise their company or products. Some people have even gone as far as to rent the space on their foreheads or abdomens for temporary tattoos from companies looking to make bold advertising statements. Look into how you can take advantage of all your available spaces to grab a few quick bucks.

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3. Pick up a second job.

If you do have a bit of spare time, you can always pick up a flexible second job. You can work virtually from sites like, working the number of hours you desire whenever it is most convenient for you. You can also try creating a small job from some need in your community. If you see that the local factory workers are constantly looking for quick snacks throughout the day, why not set up a food stand or cart in the area to cater to these needs? The merits of establishing a figurative lemonade stand have not changed much from our youth. Make money with your extra time!

4. Participate in trials and surveys.

Many companies and research institutes are constantly lookings for study subjects for things like clinical trials, focus groups, and informational surveys. Depending on the complexity of the activity and the amount of time you will need to complete it, these activities can pay anywhere from ten dollars to over one thousand dollars per activity. Look for opportunities that easily fit into your lifestyle and for which you would be an ideal candidate. In this way, you can make a few dollars by contributing to another’s work and research.

5. Invest.

Although most people think of investment as a long-term activity, some investment tools can actually help you make money quickly. Basic investment tools, including stocks, bonds, and CDs, do require a significant minimum time period of investment before any profit can be had. However, if you already own stocks, you can take advantage of options to capitalize on their value without selling them by writing covered calls that lend the call options of the stocks to certain buyers for a specific period of time. Covered calls can earn you a 10% profit on your stocks every month!

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Many people find themselves in a position at least once in their lives where they need to make money quickly. Look at selling your unused possessions, renting available spaces, picking up a second job, and investment capitalization schemes to earn your needed money as easily and quickly as possible! For more suggestions, see Daily Finance.


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