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Online when people say “Evergreen” they mean that it will not expire soon. There is no way of telling of something is going to last until the end of time on the Internet. There is no way of telling if it will last to the end of the year. But, there is a sort of “feeling” that some things are time limited and others are not. For example, an article on how to stop a crying baby is considered evergreen, whereas an article on a new model of phone is not considered to be evergreen. People may still be interested in the model of phone in ten year (nostalgia research), but it is not as likely to still be popular, whereas the baby crying one would be.

Be wary of scammers in this area

Before getting on to the list – evergreen ways of making money is a topic that attracts lots of people who want something for nothing. It attracts people who are very susceptible to get-rich-quick schemes, and therefore there are a lot of scammers online that are willing to take advantage of them. So take this advice, nothing is free because people don’t give away money, and if they do it is because they want something in return.

1 – Teach something and monetize it

The most commonly evergreen thing on the net is something that teaches people something. There is not much use for Blender these days, as people have moved on to more advanced animation software. And yet, the Blender website has no real instructions on how to use the software, so anybody who comes across it is automatically in the need of Blender tutorials.

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It comes to a point where people will even pay for information if they think they cannot get it elsewhere or if they think it is valuable information. So, find something to teach, do it very well, and monetize the process in some way.

2 – Make it about user contributions and monetize

If you have people contribute to your website on a regular occasion, then they start producing content for free and you reap any possible monetary rewards. If you are not sure that this can happen, then consider social media because that is all they are doing. Article sites do the same, and there are lots of gif libraries that are only made of gifs people have created and posted.

3 – Write evergreen articles and put them on profit sharing sites

You can do this and create thousands of articles, and then just sit back and let the articles make you money over time. The hardest part is finding article sites that have a lot of traffic and that do not feature poorly optimized adverts, and that appear highly on the Google search engine results pages. If you can find a few article sites that do that then you can spread your articles amongst them and start making some money as you sit back and relax.

4 – Give people your secrets on things and ask for donations

If you tell people secrets that they cannot find elsewhere, then you may thrill them enough to give you a donation. Have you ever seen those adverts for secret ways to make money, whiten your teeth, cure depression, enlarge your penis, enlarge your breasts, lose weight, cure impotency or make a partner love you? They are all scam sites that suckers pay money to in order to get a bad/null secret in return. Such as anti-wrinkle secrets that tell you to exercise and drink lots of water.

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But, what if you could offer the real thing? If you offered people articles with real secrets and real answers, then people would be happy to give you donations as a thank you for providing the service for free and not forcing them to pay.

5 – Put handy tools online and ask for donations

This has to be the most evergreen method ever. The hardest part is finding or creating a tool. The second hardest part is finding or creating one that is going to stay evergreen. If you do, then you have a very long-term evergreen money making method.

The great thing is that the tool does not have to be original. There are lots of tools out there that help students put their information into a Harvard reference format for their essays. Yet, students find and use all of them (not just the first one ever published), and students go back to these tools every year, and write blog posts on them, and tell their friends about them. If it is good, then people will be willing to drop a dollar here and a dollar there as a donation. If you tell people that you need to money in order to maintain the website and the tool, then loyal users may be willing to pay up in order to keep the service free.

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