Can you start making profit right away with your new blog? Well, certainly not in the first day after you launch it. But, you can always make good profit from your blog immediately, as soon as possible. Probably in the first week or first month after it goes live. You just need to know how to do it. Most people who fail to do it are definitely the ones who make grave mistakes in setting up their blog. Here are 5 exact reasons why new blogs fail to make profit right away:

  1. They Don’t Have Any Service/Product To Offer On Day One

You can only make real money from your blog when you have any product or service to offer to your audience. If you just expect your audience to come to your blog, read your content, and leave your blog, then what will you get? You will get nothing. But, if you have a good service or product to offer on day one (the day when you launch your blog), then your audience will come to your blog, read your content, read your sales page, and probably buy your product or use your service. This is the way you make money from your blog right away.

  1. They Don’t Get Updated Intensely

New blogs often get sluggish update and they don’t have enough content to offer to their audience. That’s why you can’t make money from your new blog. That’s because people don’t find it interesting to read your blog. You don’t offer any good content to read. People leave your blog after feeling disappointed with it. If you want to ensure that people want to come to your blog again and again, be sure to update it intensely. Yes, not just regularly. For new blog, you have to update it three times a day, instead of once a day. Fill your new blog with new content in a rapid pace.

  1. They Depend On Ads To Start Making Money
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If you think that you can make money from your blog only by placing some third-party ads in it, then you are wrong. This is exactly what keeps you from making real profit from your blog. If you depend on third-party ads to start making money on your blog, then it means that you will need to drive massive traffic to your blog first before you start making money from it. And it needs years and years of hard work in order to do it. No wonder you can’t see any profit from your blog in the first month after it goes online. It is better for you to stop being dependent on third-party ads to start making profit with your blog. Create your own money making scheme that will not be dependent on any third-party monetization method.

  1. They Don’t Have Aggressive Marketing Strategy

While other bloggers are aggressively promoting their blog on various platforms, with various marketing methods, you are there sitting in your chair doing nothing to spread the word about your blog. If you really want to succeed with your new blog, start your promotion strategy from the start. You don’t need to wait until you get enough traffic or content on your blog. You will do the promotion strategy right away. Once you do that, you will keep adding content to your blog so that when people start coming to your blog, you will be able to entertain them with good content.

    5.They Don’t Give Real Value Or Help Their Audience

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Remember that the difference between successful blogs and failed blogs is that successful blogs always give real value to help their audience solve their problem. They provide tools, tips, products, and advice to help their audience and make their life better. That’s why people are willing to spend money on those blogs. If you can’t give real value or help your audience with your blog, chances are you will have a difficult time making money out of your blog. Why? That’s because a blog without real value will not impress anyone. So, you have to give real value to your audience and help them. This should be the primary mission of your new blog.

Those are the reasons why new blogs can’t make any profit right away. They simply aren’t designed to make money. So, if you want to make money out of your new blog right away, be sure to avoid those mistakes and aim for the profit from the start.


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