OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that drives thousands of subscribers to your mailing list overnight. I know this usually sounds like a sales pitch but this is actually true. That is why I decided to put OptinMonster as a center of my article today.

On this blog I’ve been boring people with importance of email lists and subscribers plenty of time. You already know that having a huge email list with fans who will listen to every word you say is a key in dominating the blogging world. That is why I will never stop writing posts that will focus on improving your number of subscribers as this is key to your success. You will never get enough leads from any other platform- no matter how popular Facebook, Twitter or any other content promoting network become.

There is a couple of ways to capture email subscribers like putting a widget in a sidebar (not that effective), asking for email in exchange for a reward (can be effective if reward is something people really need) or through pop-ups.

OptinMonster is related to the last one and it is proven that can capture amazing number of subscribers only days after installing the plugin and putting the pop-out on the website. What’s really great about this plugin is that it doesn’t require any coding knowledge in order to put it on the website. All you have to do is to choose some of the pre-made templates, enter information you want+ text related to your website and choose a list for which are people subscribing.

In this post, I’m also going to show you examples of 5 different popular internet marketing related blogs who successfully increased number of subscribers using this plugin.

1. Blogging Tips

Zac made a nice conversion difference by 100% and he only changed couple of lines and tested few different options. It is really that easy!

2. Entrepreneur on fire

John is a well known as a podcaster but he also run a nice blog full of great information. He is offering a guide in exchange for an email address and all that through pop-up set up by this plugin

3. John Chow

One of the leaders in the blogging world has great pop-up set up on his website. He is also incentivizing his user by offering a free eBook in exchange for an email address.

4. Matthew Woodward

Award winning blogger! No matter what you say about him, he knows how to sell. He is a great affiliate with a bunch of email subscribers. And he is using this plugin. What does that tell you?

5. Social Media Examiner

Leading blog about social media is also using this plugin. They set up a really nice combination that made me subscribe first time I visited their website.