Investment into digital marketing will allow your business to reach a wide range of the marketplace and help sell your offers. This reach may not be an activity you (and your employees) have experience with, which is why a decision may be made to seek services from professionals.

The amount of choice you have when scouring the web seeking these services is quite daunting, to say the least. There are hundreds of major providers of these marketing services and thousands more offered through freelance.

Each digital marketing company will offer different services and strategies; they will also have very different ideas for what they believe is best for your business.

You may wonder how to go about qualifying the results of your search.

Ask these important questions in order to find the best possible match for your digital marketing needs.

Q1: What is your reputation?

Reviews and reputation will greatly aid your search for a digital marketing company. It would be worthwhile to:

·  Use online review websites to see feedback from customers

·  Ask opinions about a company on industry forums

·  Seek advice and recommendations from a trusted professional from within your industry

For example, a digital marketing company like Matomy Media is a frequently reviewed company with a strong reputation within the industry. By knowing the reputation of the company, you can qualify your leads with great ease (and save yourself a lot of time and hassle weeding through the lower-tiered contenders).

Q2: What are your specializations?

Would you hand over the controls to your business to an individual (or company) that has no understanding of your industry and its marketplace?

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Specialization is one aspect of a digital marketing company that should come as a priority when qualifying leads. The value of specialization is that the company will be able to offer specialized services, tailored to your business, through experience and understanding of your business, industry, and marketplace.

By having the specialization the campaigns they create should have a greater impact and return on investment through higher conversions, branding, exposure, and feedback.

Specializations may include:

·  Social media engagement

·  Search engine optimization

·  Conversion optimization

·  Email marketing

… and all those other that are housed under the digital marketing umbrella.

Q3: What are your most important metrics?’s article “The 3 Most Important Online Marketing Metrics to Monitor??? explains that the metrics that matter most are:

·  Conversion rate and goal completion

·  Backlink profile

·  Visitor engagement

Serious digital marketing companies will always place these as their top priority because these are the metrics that make your business the most money, create lasting placement online, and provide ample feedback to improve your customer satisfaction.

Q4: How will you achieve the important metrics?

Talk is cheap; it’s the actions that matter and this goes without saying when it comes to digital marketing. There are dozens of major strategies a digital marketing company can put into practice with specific tasks that each have positive effects.

Ethics, experience, and scope will greatly determine what can be offered by the digital marketing company (or individual).

·  Ethics – Whether or not they are using legitimate strategies to improve your metrics (because some blend the line and others flat-out cross into the dark side).

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·  Experience – What they have done in the industry and what they can show; it’s their proven track record for delivering upon their promises.

·  Scope – How long it may take to achieve these goals (remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to seeing real ROI).

With those in mind you should receive an explanation and walkthrough of the various strategies they plan to put in place to help your business grow through digital marketing. The company/individual should also make it clear that they will deliver timely reports (followed by meetings), which will allow you to see the return on your investment.

Q5: What are the costs (and length) of the services?

Pricing is a difficult item to pin-point because it almost always depends on the scope of your project. Once you qualify a lead, you can get down to business and begin negotiating pricing, scope of project, and milestones.

The following is an example of an agreement:

·  Timeframe: 3 – 6 months

·  Budget: $1,500/mo

·  Milestones: 3 – 5% increase in conversions

You’re completely free to negotiate based on your needs, desires, and resources. You may find a flat rate to be within budget and return on investment or, alternatively, a pay threshold for each milestone they accomplish.

Your overall objective with this question is to keep the work within budget and schedule so it doesn’t ruin either of those two.

What questions would you ask to qualify a digital marketing company? It might behoove you to learn more about what professional agencies like the above mentioned Matomy has to offer you during your need for a digital marketing company.

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