Money is one thing many people come in contact day in day out. Usually, money is not well thought about much, but mostly, people lament of not having enough of it. Countries globally have been making money for their internal and external trading over many years. Generally, it has been established that the first money to be used by man was in form of coins. However, the value of money keeps fluctuating with regional and global trends from time to time. Interestingly, money has a unique feature of being able to make people whatever they can be and at the same time can destroy one and even nations at large.

Apparently, there are a number of interesting facts about money you need to know today. They include:


Perhaps some love them and others hate them, but pennies remain to be pennies from the old times till today. For many countries, pennies represent the first and early denomination of coins and have lasted through the years. Late on 18th century, pennies were purely copper while modern pennies are usually made of copper traces with nickel and zinc. Records show that there were about 4, 938.54million pennies produced in United States during the year 2011. The design of these pennies however still feature famous president Lincoln on their front side, with the reverse showing Union shield having 13 vertical bands, as well as an horizontal bar that cuts across its top representing the Union.

Minorities and women on money

In the case of United States, a number of women have actually appeared on some of the U.S coins. However, the first woman to appear on the coin was in fact not an American, but a Spanish sovereign. Basically, it was a commemorative coin featuring Queen Isabella from Spain and indeed was the first woman to be shed on the U.S money in the year 1893. However, Martha Washington, who was the first lady, was also the first lady to be casted on the paper money. Since then, Susan B. Antony, Sacagawea and Helen Keller represent the other only ladies featured on the flowing money.

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Dirty money

Many recent studies have indicated that money in ones’ wallet can be really a dirty stuff. Indeed, the older the money, the many the present contaminants in it such as E.coli and salmonella. In fact, most bills printed primarily on cotton material were often established to possess high bacteria levels, while those produced on much newer and slicker polymers often had least bacteria levels.

Bottom line

Typically, all the money regardless of country of origin is said to have unique story: who could have saved it, what it might have purchased and perhaps who held it. In fact, numerous history, politics and economics follow the bills everywhere. Besides, money is one thing that has been quite sought after by many.

Coins in the wallet

Most people use coins everyday to purchase one or two items. However, not many really take a keen look of the make and unique designs of the coins. Normally, coins are made uniquely in order to avoid counterfeits. Even in the old days, counterfeits were could not be avoided.

Money is an ingredient to every other exchange in today’s world. Owning sufficient of it is quite fulfilling, yet understanding its uniqueness is arguably a little bit more gratifying.

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