Have you chosen your money goals? Being 20 something is exciting, you are free to choose what are you going to do with your life. You can finally be independent, but in order to be truly independent you need to be able to support yourself.

So we have decided to give you some tips about goals you can strive to achieve regarding money and finance before you are 30.

1. Try Paying Off All Your Debt

Exactly, we mean all of your debt. All your student loans, credit cards, car debts all of them. You need to get rid of that interest as soon as possible. After you get rid of these loans, you will actually realize how interest was eating away huge parts of your budget.

2. Stop Spending Money Impulsively 

We know you are young, and you have the right to be impulisve, but you need to stop wasting money. Before purchasing something, try thinking do you actually need this, and can you support that purchase without disrupting your life balance.

3. Set Your Career Goals Based On Finance

Ok, you probably have been thinking about this, but have you actually written some of your goals on a paper? Try writing these goals down, and setting a time limit for achieving them, trust us this could be a great motivation.

4. Try Getting Rid Of At Least One Luxury

We all love to indulge ourselves, but sometimes we just go too far. How many luxuries per month are you indulging yourself with? ¬†Try reducing at least one of the luxuries per month. For example, how many times do you buy something like coffee, even though you don’t feel like you really want to drink it at that moment?

5. Invest! And Do It Wisely!

Investing is probably the best way to complete the first goal, and plan your future along. Be wise, and research a lot before investing. Do not invest in your friend’s bar, because it is going to be hip and cool. Try finding professionals that could advise you about investing.