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According to most of the life’s perspectives, you can never be sure you are 100% ready for any situation – but you can, at least, try. This line is not there to demotivate you; instead, it is bound to provide you with the strength needed, in order to keep you focused and ready to identify a two-sword question. Since finding the right job does not seem to be the easiest thing ever for anyone, minding an interview might either help you enter a most desired job or one that you will soon want to get rid of. To sum up, we take risks and we never know if we made the best choice. But you see, here is the mistake – there is no best choice, just one that seems to be better than the other (has smaller or fewer drawbacks). These being said, in case you want to cope with any interview (regardless of how harsh it might be) and get the job you crave for, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to meet 5 most common interview questions – that are great to be planned beforehand.

  1. What are your Strengths?

Undoubtedly one of the most important question (and on top of that, common) to receive at any interview, revealing your strengths can be both into your advantage but – on the other hand – on your disadvantage. To make the story short, the question aims to reveal how you perceive yourself and whether there might be found some narcissistic insights of your way of being. Basically, if the person in front of you asks you for three strengths that are able to describe you best – and you come up with more than three – this might be some kind of hint that your place in the company might not be suitable. Instead, make sure to resume yourself in the requirements and find some that are able to represent yourself completely.

  1. What are your Weaknesses?
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If, until now, strengths used to be our main concern, weaknesses play also an important part in our interview questions. Basically, this questions aims to reveal whether you see yourself flawless (as we most like to do, most of the time) or on the other opposite, thinking that you are not able to represent the company the way you should. Thus, you might be wanting to provide here an answer that will not slight you out from the job, but instead a reply that is quite medium – for instance, you might be looking too much for details or something that, either way, is bound to be into your favour.

  1. Where and how do your See yourself in 5 Years?

This is nice – the question that never dies or gets old. Whenever you go for a job interview, you might be very astonished by keep on hearing this question, whose reply has to be exactly what the person in front of you wants to hear. The idea behind it is that they want to see if you see yourself in the company, with a promotion, maybe a manager or a team leader, instead of offering a reply such as “I am seeing myself wandering the world and not having a plan of my life???. Regardless of how appealing this last reply might be, we have an interview to keep up with and a job to obtain.

  1. Why Would we Choose You?

Through this question, the interviewer looks up for your sight of fresh air – basically, let you offer him the answer that he has been looking for all along. Since he is there to find the man (or the woman) who is about to take up a certain job, he (or she) is searching for your abilities – and by this question, you practically do his own job. But, be careful – the answer has to show your best abilities, skills and strengths, while not showing them in a harsh manner.

  1. Are you Willing to Dedicate Yourself to this Job?
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Of course, no one is happy with this question – but they want to see if you will be loyal and ready to answer the phone anytime they call. Fortunately though, there are few work places that wake you up at 4 in the morning.


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