We’ve always got our eye out for the next big startup sectors. Right now, of course, the tech sector is phenomenally powerful. The likes of Apple, Google, and Facebook have carved out a path for tech startups. With Silicon Valley as the Mecca, it’s one of the fastest growing industries ever. But, what else is out there? What other industries or sectors have the lucrative potential for big returns? In this post, we’re looking at the most promising industries in startup land.



  1. Mobile


The mobile sector comes under the big tech umbrella. However, it’s slowly becoming an entire industry of its own. As we move away from traditional and desktop use, mobile devices are starting to dominate. In fact, more people access the internet on a mobile device than a computer now. That’s carving out a lucrative market, especially in the developing world. New smartphone technology, creative apps, and mobile accessories are a great way to tap into the market.


  1. Software


Another tech spinoff, the software market is enormous. But, it shows no signs of slowing down. Businesses and individuals across the world are always looking for better and more efficient ways to do things. Consider the immense popularity of PhotoShop and DropBox. Think about how often businesses use accounting software or CRM facilities. The best way to break into the software industry is find a problem, and fix it! Do you wish something was faster, easier, more efficient? Make it!


  1. E-commerce and fashion


Let’s assume you’re not a genius coder or electronics whizz. What other options are out there for you? Well, if we look at the biggest angel investments over the last few years, fashion and e-commerce comes out on top. In terms of sheer financial force, more money is going into this sector than anywhere else. Powered by the unstoppable rise of Instagram and Pinterest, boutique fashion stores are growing fast. Jump on board the moving train, and ride it to success and fortune!


  1. Premium food and coffee


You’ll have noticed the careful rise of artisanal cafes and organic coffee shops over the last few years. We have become more conscious of the food we eat, and we’re willing to pay for the best! We also want our premium food to be more convenient. Some great startup ideas include a smoothie delivery service or mobile coffee business. Take a look at La Marzocco to see what kind of gear you might need to get started.


  1. Travel


The travel industry is one that has survived the market depressions over the years. It’s a stable and reliable sector, and it continues to grow. The holiday industry is phenomenally lucrative. Airlines and hotel industries are soaring. But, if you’re looking for a niche, try the adventure sector, and look towards bespoke world experiences. The younger generation can’t get enough of this form of travelling, and it will continue to expand.


Can you think of any other business sectors that are thriving at the moment? Where would you begin your startup adventure?