Everyone wants to blog now a day. Blogosphere is ever growing and new bloggers are welcome. Ability to work remotely and promise of huge income are the enticing factors. As a blogger, there are many ways to make money. Some of the best and popular ways are mentioned below:

1. Freelancing:

Websites and blogs multiply daily. Bloggers will always be in demand to fill these sites with quality contents. For a single post, $15 to $50 is paid. In some cases where expertise is demanded up to $125 is paid. Several job boards are available for bloggers. One of the most popular is the Problogger job board where jobs can be applied for free.

2. Guest Posting:

At present, guest posters are in great demand. Links are essential to rank higher in Search Engines. Though several ways of link building are present, links gained through guest posting are the best. Through guest posting interested readers are also gained. Moreover, rank positions gained through guest posting tend to remain unchanged. Guest posters are paid anywhere between $50 and $200. Factors like Custom Rank, Domain Authority, Alexa rank, incoming links etc. affect the payment rate.


3. Revenue through AdSense

Bloggers can generate a constant income through AdSense. You can either own a blog or use Blogger for free hosting. Every blogger is passionate about some topic(s). Write about it persistently. At first, there will be no readers. As quality content is posted, readers will start accumulating. It might take a year to attain loyal readers. Before that sign up with Google AdSense account and start displaying ads on your blog. Depending upon the geo-location of readers, a click pays between $0.10 and $1.

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4. Paid to Blog

You are paid to blog about a certain product/company. This is the easiest way to gain some cash. There are several sites, which provide such offers. Payment for a single post is anywhere between $3 and $20. If your site is high in quality then you will be paid more.

5. Ghost writing:

Ghostwriters are also sought after. If you are not too sensitive and can allow others to take credit for a fee then you are perfect for Ghost Writing. However, ghostwriting pays off more than just posting. Never accept anything less than $50 for ghost writing services. Remember, you are not credited for your work and therefore never settle down for less.

As to my knowledge, these were the few ways to make money through blogging. If you know of other ways then please let it be known through comments.


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