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One of the most common mistakes people make these days is to try and work with multiple keywords/key phrases on their homepage. Needless to say, it is not only time consuming but also an expensive practice to target all the keywords. SEO experts, however, reveal that few organic anchor texts can do what most keywords can’t.

If you want to learn about the tricks of SEO and how it works, then this article will answer all these questions. Read on to find out more about the mystic world of homepage SEO.

SEO & Search Engines

It goes without saying that the search engines trust big brands because they have a reputation to keep. Earning a backlink from these sources is the quickest way to rank on Google and other engines because they understand that these links would have been acquired naturally.

That being said, if you want to be one of the top-trending websites online, then you should copy the SEO backlink homepage layout of these big brands. But the question is, why homepage?

Many companies ignore the importance of the homepage and its role in uplifting your website. However, did you know that it is one of the most crucial pages on your website and the first point of interaction you have with your site visitors? This is also the first step where trust with visitors and search engines is established. Therefore, it is safe to say that homepage SEO should be an important part of your content marketing strategy.

SEO & Homepage

Homepage SEO is a mix of keywords and backlinks that will work in unison to help your website rank well. However, the key here is to exercise caution in using both. While it can be tempting to stuff your website with keywords, experts advise against it.

Everything you do on your homepage should only meet one purpose, to gain the trust of search engines. However, this trust takes years to build that cannot be established on a flimsy foundation.

But once you gain Google’s confidence, it not only becomes easier to rank but it also establishes you as an authority website in your domain. Simply put, you need to earn a big brand status in the eyes of Google to start getting the results you were aiming for.

That being said, apart from consistent efforts in building your SEO, the experts also recommend reading helpful articles like Homepage SEO – This Is Why You’re Stuck On Page 2, to decode the science behind ranking your website on Google. Additionally, you can also use the following tips in combination with backlinks and keywords to ace your homepage SEO game.

  1. Pick the Right Domain Name: You may not know this but the domain name is extremely crucial for optimizing your website for SEO. Your URL is the first data that search engines pick and register in their algorithm. This small piece of information also has a hand in your Google ranking! Even though you would want to personalize the domain name as per your brand, it is recommended to do some keyword research and pick a relevant phrase from high-ranking keywords as your web address.

  2. Do not underestimate the anchor text: Anchor text, simply put, is a string of text that links to an external webpage. When you are working on homepage SEO, you should use the anchor text to your advantage and link other pertinent websites to your own. While it is a useful trick in bumping up your ranks a few notches, it is advised to use the links sparingly to avoid being penalized for overuse. The idea is that each of these links should be a valuable addition to readers. Do not add links just for the sake of it!

  3. Use Alt Text for Images on Homepage: Images are such an evocative way to capture the attention of your viewers and bring them to your homepage. Apart from their appeal factor, they are also an incredible SEO opportunity. When someone searches a particular keyword, the search engine algorithms are able to match it to your website through the alt text tags. Therefore, it is recommended to use proper keywords in tagging your homepage images.

  4. Optimize Homepage Download Speed: Did you know that your website’s speed is directly impacting your SEO efforts? A slow loading webpage is a deal-breaker for site visitors who want relevant information within the first few seconds of searching online. If your page takes forever to load, then consider that site visitor gone long before your content can actually wow them! However, websites that run faster not only rank better but also show better search engine crawl rates. You can use one of the many free online tools to test your website’s speed. If you find it to be too slow, then you should work on optimizing its load speed first.

  5. Use Titles and Descriptions: Search engines will scour through pages looking for relevant data when a user searches for something online. When you design your homepage with useful titles and descriptions complete with keywords, your chances of being picked up by Google increase manifolds. These titles and descriptions also show on the search engine results that can prompt the reader to click on the link to learn more about your website.

Creating SEO friendly homepage is not as technical as it is thought to be. Few of these simple tips along with high-quality content and backlinks can do the trick. However, the key lies in finding the right balance between all these approaches so that they can work together in helping your website rank better. Since homepage is the first and the most important page of your website, you can use a bunch of these tricks in various combinations to find the one that really works for you. However, the most important thing is to remain patient and let SEO work its magic as you continue to produce quality content.

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