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Direct mailing is often overlooked when companies begin their marketing efforts. Marketers rush to email marketing and social media, and forget about direct mailing, a marketing strategy that actually experiences high success and has stood the test of time. In addition to being reliable and efficient, a few reasons why you should include direct mailing into your next marketing campaign include:

Bypass Saturation

Inboxes are flooded with a constant stream of email marketing pieces. There are so many email marketing pieces arriving each day that email service providers have established Spam, Clutter, and Promotion tabs to alleviate their users. With a direct mailer, you don’t have to worry about sending out a marketing piece that is going to arrive with 12 or more others. Your piece will be one of few, increasing the likelihood that it will actually be read.

Targeted Markets

With email marketing campaigns, companies often just send out thousands of emails to anyone on their list. While this approach does reach more people, it often results in a majority of those people clicking ‘delete’ before even opening the email. Direct mailing is incredibly targeted, and you can pick the household and individuals you wish to send to based off whichever layers of segmentation you choose.

The Personal Touch

Email marketing pieces are a dime-a-dozen, and very few are ever personal. If they are, it is usually no more than putting a client’s name on the piece. Direct mailers, however, offer business owners a unique opportunity to offer a seemingly personalized experience to consumers.


To piggy back off of personal touch, direct mailing also offers customization to both fit your needs and to cater to the direct appeal of your consumers. Don’t just send a one-size-fits all email that is overloaded with information. Customize mailers for different markets so current and potential consumers are receiving the information they are more likely to respond to. They won’t be bombarded with information they don’t care about, and lose interest halfway through reading. With customized information, potential customers are more likely to stay involved and to actually appreciate the information that you sent them.

High Level of Engagement

Direct mailers can come in all shapes, styles, and weights. When a potential customer comes across a piece of mail that is irregular in size, shape, or weight, they are more likely to open it or read it simply because it piques their curiosity. Customized mailing envelopes are more likely to increase their curiosity. Not to mention, receiving paper mail anymore is seen as a novelty. With communications technology making it easy to connect with anyone at a quick rate, the amount of paper mail individuals receive has greatly declined. Simply sending something via mail already increases the chances that someone will read it.

Direct mailing campaigns hold one of the highest ROIs rates of any marketing strategy. To put it simply, there is a reason why direct mailers have withstood the electronic boom, and continue to thrive. They are efficient, personal, and reach targeted audiences with minimal effort. The next time you begin building your marketing campaign, make direct mailers a priority. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

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