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Nowadays, having a business implies working with technologies of any kind. Whether we like it or not, it tends to be harmful to the body and organism and on top of that, makes our communication a lot more difficult than ever before. Still, in case you wish to find more about some reasons that can easily convince you to slow your mobile dependence, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines – it will be definitely worth it, even to a business.


Eye Contact

Definitely one thing to keep an eye on, eye contact is what makes a discussion prolific. Especially in a business meeting, you should always keep your mobile away from you, or in a place where it can’t be seen by your partner. This is definitely one reason that comes with lots of money if taken into consideration, so make sure where you put your mobile phone next time!


Value Yourself and your Originality

Whether you knew this before or not, valuing yourself is about to turn you into a man of value (of course). By showing and sharing everything you see and know on your social network profiles, nothing of you is truly original or of value – at this is truly understandable, since everybody else seems to know exactly what you do, where you are and with who you are. And let’s state it, for what is best used a phone these days? I’d tell you – Twitter, Facebook and even Linkedin.

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Reduce Distractions

When you are working, there is nothing more useful for having a break than a mobile phone. Yeah, sure, but what would your boss say (or even your entire business if being the owner) if you get distracted by the phone at all times? Trust me, when you are working and wish to finish your job faster than ever before, any mobile device has not to be found amoung the stuff from your table (or office).


Free Up some Time

Probably the most useful reason in here, by keeping your mobile device away from you, you are on your way to make some more free time. In average, we spend 2 hours everyday on our phones – just think what could you do in those 2 hours from now!


Reduce Complainment

Believe it or not, by keeping yourself away from mobile dependence you are away from interfering with drama – on social networks, or even about your job. You have plenty of time to do anything you want!


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