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Congratulations, you’re opening up a salon! Time to tackle your biggest investment: equipment. This is going to be the most expensive investment yet, so it’s necessary to get it right. As a new business, you want to put your best foot forward; not scare off your customers with poor treatments.

So, it’s time to plan ahead. Fortunately, there are hard and fast rules for picking up the high-tech gadgetry your business needs. Read on for our top five things to remember before you start popping tags:

Rule One: Know What Kind Of Salon You Want

Obviously, the kind of salon equipment you buy will be influenced by the sort of store you have in mind. High end boutiques will need the kind of gadgetry that reflects the posh clientelle they aim to attract – nothing but the very best…or at least, equipment that looks the very best.

A hair salon on a budget will only need the basics, but they’ll need to be functional and high quality for ease of use. There’s nothing worse than a straightener on the fritz.

Rule Two: The Big Ask

Go around other hair salon owners and ask for recommendations; there’s no safer way to play it. Look out for reviews and never gamble. Word of mouth is the best way to go. If a stylist endorses something (for free), you know it’s high quality. We love a great set of tools and we’ll sing its praises when it makes our life easier.

Rule Three: Do Your Research

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Leaf through style magazines and attend show rooms. Surf the internet for the latest crazes and equipment. By swatting up on what’s available, you’ll make more informed choices. You may even be able to snap up the best deals by expanding on your trade knowledge.

Rule Four: Start With The Basics

The fancy stuff can wait until later. For now, focus on getting the basics into your salon: chairs, hair dryers, washbasins, mirrors etc. Once everything is in place, you’ll have a better idea of how to expand your equipment supplies. You may even want to open up your doors with just the basics in place, so you can fan out later, when you have a steady income.

However, remember that you’ll need to provide the very best equipment from the start if you want your business to stay afloat. Strike a balance.

Rule Five: Save Money

By saving cash in areas that are appropriate to do so, you’ll have more money left over to improve your salon. Consider purchasing second hand equipment where possible; especially if you know the brand is reliable.

For the simple things like product display cases and magazine stands, you can get a little DIY savvy and shave hundreds of pounds off your budget. A second hand bookcase can double up as a fantastic storage cupboard; give it a new lease of life with a lick of paint and some TLC.
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This post has been written on behalf of hairdresser suppliers Salons Direct. Looking to buy equipment for your salon from some of the UK’s leading beauty brands? Visit Salons Direct for an extensive range of products and tools.

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