How can you make your banner to attract high numbers of clicks? The only way to find out how is to observe what most successful banners have in common. Here are 5 signs of highly effective ad banner that gets the most clicks:

1. Relevant

The first thing to make a banner highly attractive is relevancy. The banner must be relevant with the website content on which it is placed. Banner that is not relevant is usually ignored by the audience simply because it is not related whatsoever with the website that they visit. So, if you want to make your banner to attract high clicks, you have to place your banner on websites that are relevant with it. For instance, if your banner is about web hosting service, make sure to place your banner on websites for webmasters.

2. Appealing

Your banner must be appealing for those who see it. It is usually about the design. Your banner design must stand out. People’s attention must naturally go to your banner when they visit your website. The key to create an appealing banner is to make your banner design matches with your website design. If the main color of your website is blue and white, it is a good idea to create a banner with blue and while as the main color combination. Appealing banner will usually get clicked by your audience.

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3. Interesting

We’re talking about the actual words inside your banner. Is it interesting? What’s your banner saying? If you see a banner with words like “Never pay for electric bill again. Guaranteed.???, would you be interested to find out more? Of course, that’s because the words in the banner is interesting. To make your banner highly attractive, make sure that you put interesting message in your banner, not just a boring message which says “Click Here???.

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4. Professional

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is professionalism. Make sure that your banner has a professional look. Remember that you want to do business with your customers, so you need to make your banner look professional. If you have professional banner, people will not be hesitant to have a deal with you. So, make sure to make your banner look professional. It will help you to attract the clicks.

5. Accurate

Accurate means that your banner can reach the right type of audience. While relevancy is important for your banner to get the click, accuracy is also important to make sure that you get the right type of audience coming to your landing page. Accurate banner will attract targeted traffic to your landing page, which will naturally increase your conversion. So, if you are advertising product for young adults, make sure to place your banner on websites that have young adults as their visitors. Also, make sure to put a message that addresses young adults in your banner.

Those are 5 signs of highly effective ad banner that gets the most clicks. If you want to maximize your banner advertising campaign, make sure to create an ad banner that really attracts clicks. Those guidelines should be able to help you to create an effective banner ad.


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