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Do you remember the time when you craved and worked so hard to be accepted and hired to the company? It was such a lovely time, and the possitive answer fulfilled you and turned you into the luckiest man on Earth. Still, as time goes by and we gain experience, we feel out of space. It is a common feeling, reason why from time to time changing the company you are working as an employer seems to be a match made in Heaven! In case you wish to know if that time came for you, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines – if you match our list, make a change in your life!


  1. Horrible Mondays

Waking up on a Monday morning and wish the clock would hit only 5 o’clock determines how much you crave your job. It is common to wish you could sleep more in the mornings, still when Monday comes the way you look at the morning hour tells how comfortable you are with your job.


  1. Don’t know What you Are There for

There are many companies having these job descriptions, quite dizzy. If you don’t seem to understand what you are there for and what should you be working for, leave it. Besides receiving that monthly paycheck, you are there for gaining experience and become a professional on your field. How would you be able to be a specialist if you don’t even know what your best field you are gaining experience on?

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  1. No Appreciation

Companies are known to have numerous employers and most of them don’t even know the name of others – let alone the employees. If you don’t feel appreciated, delighted to work more in order to receive more, you should rethink about your place there. In addition, if not a raise in your salary won’t make your soul be filled with joy, I belive we already know what should be the next move.


  1. Turning into a Different Person

There are people in the company who don’t feel as they live their lives. If you feel inside you are different at your job from the daily life, this job does not give you the necessary resources to feel comfortable with it. You don’t have to loose your identity just to get some money. Make a change and find your `heartbeat` again!


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