There are so many studies outside showing how hard multitasking affects both our activity and our intelligence. Believe it or not, it seems rather impossible to keep up with all the stuff that you got and seem to come. Still, you can always opt for delegating someone else to do what you simply just wish you had not had to do. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to find more about the 5 tasks you should rather let someone else do!

  1. Keeping a Daily Schedule

So… are not we at that moment of the day when we simply wish to add more and more breaks into our schedule? I know that I definitely am. Thus, in order to stop skipping things and so, understand that you must stick to it, let someone else organise your day from morning till dawn.

  1. Research

I do not know about you, but as long as I am concerned I wish there was someone else doing all the research. When I start to do that, I get lost and find so many interesting things that are kept aside from what I am currently doing. So, if you want to know what to do with research, I would say to pass it to someone else who can come with an amazing result!

  1. Being Online on Social Media

This job is insane! Keeping up with all the posts and scheduling them and making them appealing all day and night is a full-full-full time job. Sometimes, you need a break from it, since your entire life will start being focused on this specific part. Thus, make sure you put it into someone else’s schedule before it is too late.

  1. Planning the Events

Again, do you want a job or a life? Event planning is no easy task, since you need to always be up with everything everyone wants and wishes. You are, as a matter of fact, either the good fairy or the root of all evil.

  1. Filling In

This does not sound as a hard thing to do, right? Well, think twice. Filling in is a task that requires a lot of time and attention. Make sure to pass it to someone else. Please.