5 Things In Life We Throw Away Money On

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Earning money is hard, but spending it is quite easy.

Whether it is shopping or dinners in fancy restaurants, people often overestimate their possibilities and at the end of the month they are often challenged with financial problems.

Because of that, money should be handled with care, and here are a few things you should avoid in order to keep and save some of your money.

Credit Cards 

The worst case for use of credit car is when you are out of money, to cover yourself. This is one of the simplest ways that leads to bankruptcy and helps you pile up debt you will have trouble returning.


Even though when planning a wedding many think that invested money will be returned, via traditional money gifts from friends and relatives, it often happens that the costs of wedding, honeymoon and everything that goes with it go significantly over the budget, and then financial problems arise.

Cable TV

Fans of movies, TV shows and sports often choose more expensive packages with additional content, so bills at the end of the month are more expensive. Think about it, how often do you actually watch that additional content?


It often happens that people buy stuff they cannot afford, in order to keep the certain status in society . This goes especially for cars. Many will take unnecessary credit loans and buy a new car instead of choosing the used car for three times less.

Spending around

Sometimes you should indulge yourself , but that doesn’t mean you have to spend like a millionaire. Many people does exactly like that, even though they are aware they don’t have enough money they will buy new shoes, they will go to the most expensive restaurant and they will buy a round of drinks in the local bar or coffee shop.

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