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Have you ever been in a difficult situation at work? Would you like to be able to handle everything perfectly, yet it sometimes feels like an impossible thing to do? Well, believe it or not, you are not the only one struggling with this problem. Nowadays, the stress coupled with the rest of the most annoying factors are ought to turn your job schedule into a nightmare. Still, not everyone deals with this aspect just the same, due to various types of strategies taken up. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to discover those 5 things you should never tell your boss!

  1. I Quit!

Regardless of how many times it came across your mind, telling your boss that you will quit is not a great idea, unless you have found a better paid job somewhere else. Still, even if you did, it is way better to have a normal conversation with him and tell during this period that you wish to go for a different. By this way, he will be able to understand your choice and accept it, no matter what. Even though that job completely leaves you out of breath, developing a strategy that pays off will do the trick – and saying him that you will quit on a rude and mean manner will do no good

  1. I Hate this Job!

Believe it or not, having a job that is extremely exhausting is no good for the long run. Moreover, if your boss finds you saying that you hate the job, he will most probably already start looking for someone else, so that he can find the one who is happy and even more prolific. Bear in mind that people are quite attentive at the employees, reason why you might be seen as bad and rather fired in less time than expected. Thus, if you want to play smart, make sure that you will not tell your boss that you hate the job – even though you do.

  1. I Want to Leave
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Again, telling people that you want to leave is not a smart move. Since you might be involved in various stuff and all the people within the business might definitely rely on your expertise, it is better not to tell that you want to leave. Instead, keep the thought for yourself and let everything pass. By this way, you will be able to focus more on what you do and thus get the outcome expected – which might be to change your job fast and frugal. Thus, what are you still waiting for? Have you managed to create the best strategy for yourself?

  1. I Want to Work More

Are you sure this is what you are looking for? Believe it or not, bosses are usually managers who are looking to allocate various tasks in a fast manner, so that they will be able to be finished in a short period of time. Now, if you want more money, you might start looking for other things to do – such as a second job or a job that is better paid. If you decide to do this thing and ask for more work, you will end up covered in loads of stuff to do, coupled with stress and nothing great from here. Moreover, there are high chances that your salary will remain the same, but the tasks might double overnight. As far as I am concerned, this is not an equitable ratio.

  1. I Deserve a Raise

This talk is extremely sensitive at all times. If you want a raise, the best way to do so is to ask for it – but not at all start with the impression that you deserve it with no problem at all. Instead, make sure that you can open up this discussion in an easy way, so that your boss will understand your arguments and say nothing aside from making the best with as little as you can. Now, bear in mind that you can ask your boss for a 15 minutes talk, in such a way that you will be able to do that in a soft manner. A conversation that is worth it is one that requires maximum attention to detail. So, what is there else to be requested from your boss but in a diplomatic manner? We are looking forward to hearing from you! Whenever you want to avoid problems from happening, make sure to keep a smile upon your face and do something good for you and for the company. If, let’s say, you want to get back to the firm in a year or two, you can do that fast and filled with energy once you left the job with a great conversation. On the other hand, if you leave as a consequence of a scandal that you managed to start, the chances to come back whenever you need decrease drastically.

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