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The first thing to know if you are having problems with your taxes, and suspect that you may be being investigated by criminal tax investigators is not to panic. You are not the first person to be investigated, and there are people out there with the resources to help you.

  1. Handle It As Quickly As Possible

If you suspect that you might be under investigation for criminal tax issues the first thing that you need to think with is speed is of the essence. Dragging your heels is the worst possible thing that you can do, and it can be seen to demonstrate either that you don’t take the proceedings seriously, or you don’t care.

The sooner you have a plan in place, and you have people with the necessary expertise, on your side, and a plan of how to deal with the issue, the better you are going to feel.

  1. Hire A Team To Represent You

One of the things that can make it all very difficult is not having the information that you need, or not understanding what it is that is required of you.

Having someone on your side who is capable of providing customized solutions to troubled taxpayers is going to make the whole situation seem much less daunting.

A team that has experience communicating with criminal tax investigators, and making sure that they are provided with what they need when they need it, and helping you sort through any confusion you have is going to make the whole investigation run smoother.

  1. Get Help To File Your Taxes
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If the investigation is being triggered by the fact that you have not filed your taxes, and the compliance that is required is for you to file them, then you need to get some help.

Sometimes it is purely negligence rather than any criminal intent that has led you into the situation you are in, and it can be intimidating picking apart all the problems that have accrued with your taxes. A tax expert is going to make that so much easier.

  1. Gather All Your Paperwork

If you haven’t done it already, when you think that you are under investigation it is not going to hurt to get everything that you have relating to your taxes gathered up and organized.

Doing  a little research to find out whether there is anything beyond just your tax returns that they are going to want is definitely worth it.

Being able to demonstrate that nothing criminal occurred is going to be much easier if you have everything as well ordered as you can, and can just hand it over to your tax attorneys.

  1. Consider Being Proactive With Voluntary Disclosure

Being willing to work with the IRS and the criminal tax investigators is going to cast you in a  good light, and reaching out to them shows a willingness to get it handled.

You may want to seek some legal advice before doing this. If you are not sure that you haven’t done something problematic, or you don’t actually know where you stand.


Criminal Tax Investigations can be scary, but if you have the right team on your side, they can help you to navigate the whole process. It is something that has a solution.

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