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Being able to earn a living while at the University or college is one of the biggest wishes of every student. After all, everyone wants to make money on the sides to foot supplementary school budget such as paying for term papers. You would also want to go out once in a while, and even check into Java for coffee in the evenings.  Well, this post will take a look at how to make money online for students, but, is it that easy?

The challenge

Well, it is not always to land a job while at school, and the reason is that most employers require maximum productivity from the people they hire to fill positions.  They wouldn’t also want to risk slow turnaround, especially when it comes to overly demanding jobs. For a student, it wouldn’t be easy to juggle between a daytime job and lectures. And so, the question many learners keep asking is; is there a work-study program or even a kind of job that would still allow them to concentrate on coursework, assignments, school projects and any other academic activity?

Not all hope is gone

The internet and its impact on life in the postmodern world go beyond automation of workplaces, online learning, and digitization of classrooms.  If you are a student looking for a side-hustle, the web is going to yield about 95% percent of the jobs that fit the bill. The following are tips on how students can earn money on the web, and which also double as ways on how to make money from home:

1.Freelance Writing

Writing for a living is perhaps one of the best ways of earning extra money as a student. It cuts across many areas of a literary composition such as content creation and new writing.  However, while one can earn a decent income churning content for freelance clients, it is important to note that getting started could be quite challenging for beginners.

Moreover, there are different ways of freelancing. For example, a student can sign up for a profile in content milling websites such as Upwork, PeoplePehHour, iWriter,, Guru and many others. Another way of starting a freelancing career is by pitching directly to clients, in which case, one makes use of the ‘Contact Us’ button on websites that run blogs on the sides.

Custom writing websites like monografia pronta can also hire you for writing projects, and you can be sure of making good money out of it.

2.Start a blog

If you’ve been wondering how bloggers earn money, then you can learn everything with great ease while at school. Free blogging and hosting platforms like WordPress, Google, Joomla and many others make it easy for anyone who is interested in sharing their views, opinions, knowledge, and skills with the world.

The catch is; how do then start earning from your blog? Well, sponsored Ads such as Google Ad sense, in-line Ads, and promoting products and services on your blog are among the many other ways of earning good money from a blog. You only need to work towards churning top quality content and sharing them across social media platforms and the web for people to read. Someone will eventually click on an Ad or proceed to buy a product featuring on the website, and that lead equals great commission. 

3.Write eBooks

You shouldn’t wait for someone to tell you how to write eBooks because it is pretty simple.  The most impressive thing about is that you can even earn from a 20-page eBook; just like that! How you want to ask.  Well, once you choose a topic on which you would love to write, go ahead to self-publish then upload your product on online merchandise websites such as Amazon and eBay. Promote your eBook, and money will start tricking your way.  It is arguably one of the easy ways to make money online.

4.Online deliveries

Delivery businesses provide students with rarest of opportunities, especially for those who want to make money online. All you have to do is sign up for an account, and start making the most out of your free time or you may very well choose to do the job during weekends.

5.Write Product Reviews

While product reviews fall under freelance writing, it requires a totally unique skill set. You need not only marketing knowledge but also an in-depth understanding of a product or a service.  You can do this on your blog by signing for top affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates or do a review for a client.  Your earnings will be based on successful sales, in which case, a given percentage of the total sales.

In summary, there are many ways of making money online. For a student, it all boils down to choosing a way that will not collide with your schooling schedule.

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