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Do you often feel the urge to put the pedal to the metal and leave other motorists to eat the dust you leave behind as you speed off? If you do then you probably also often realize that you’re not hitting the best mileage your car has to offer. So now, you’re looking to shed off a couple of bucks from your daily consumption of gas, well you’ve come to the right place! Of course the very first rule to achieve economical fuel consumption is to not have a McLaren. Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can be more effective at making your automobile’s fuel tank last longer!

1. Maintenance

Soulful beasts as our vehicles may be, they are still mechanical beings which need regular tune ups and maintenance. Neglecting the proper service of your car will definitely hurt it’s performance (and its feelings!) and deal a great deal of damage to the engine. With the engine not in tip top shape, the internal combustion of fuel will not function efficiently, causing the constant increase of accumulating fuel receipts in your dashboard compartment. So for lesson number one: Please take good care of your auto.

2. Cargo Weight

The heavier the object the more force is required to move it. This proves that I wasn’t absent minded all the time during physics and neuro-science classes! We are all guilty of laziness when it comes to leaving stuff inside our cars after a long day of hard work. I mean, c’mon, what’s the point of taking out the golf set if we’re going to use it again next week anyway, right? Well, that golf set is actually costing you gas! And so are all the necessary baggage that we carry along our everyday drives. Take out anything with significant weight if you won’t be using it, it will make your vehicle lighter and puts less strain on the engine to move.

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3. Tire Pressure

Has your daily commute become a little heavy, or perhaps unusually bumpy the past few days without any extra baggage on board? Well it could be your tires! Pressure levels on tires play a significant role in the ride comfort and fuel efficiency. A tire too with too much pressure magnifies the vibrations on the road while driving, causing you to feel every little bump with much more intensity than normal. A low pressure tire on the other hand may cause your ride to feel a bit “draggy.” Sharp turns are heavier than usual and gas consumption off the charts! Keep your tires on the advised pressure levels and you should achieve better fuel efficiency.

4. Accelerating and Braking too Hard

If you floor the gas pedal all the time you shouldn’t be surprised at how fast the cash in your wallet burns out! This is quite obvious and most everybody knows its. What many of us are not familiar with is the effect of braking on fuel consumption. How is this possible? To put it simply, the mere fact that we step on the brakes means that we accelerated too much, too fast. Meaning we burned more fuel than was necessary. There is also a loss of momentum which means that it will have to build up again, burning more fuel. So don’t step on those pedals too hard, try to coast along as you get near to stopping.

5. High Speeds

The more you step on the gas pedal, the more fuel you burn. You may bend all the rules that this world orders on you but you will never ever break this one. If you’re somewhat of a speed hunter, then you know that it takes a lot of power to get to high speeds. More speed equals more fuel combustion ergo zero fuel efficiency. If you really want to save up on some gas, don’t go fast and furious, unless of course you’re Vin Diesel, he never runs out of gas!

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Our goal here is to squeeze out every mile we can out of the little buggies that drive us from point A to B. Follow the tips above and you’ll be sure to notice a difference in your daily fuel consumption! At the end of the day everything will factor down to your driving style. Practice a good one and you’ll reap the benefits for sure!

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