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Have you ever been in a personal or professional discussion, in which you had to convince someone of your view? Would you like to learn the art of conversation, still it seem rather impossible to be done in time and in the right manner? Well, believe it or not, you are not the only person dealing with this type of problems, let alone wondering how this might end up. Nowadays, communication is the key of everything – if you do this right, good things are about to happen. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to discover our top 5 tips on how to win in negotiations!

1. Listen In An Active Manner

Believe it or not, winning in a negotiation takes a lot of listening. Only after you do this carefully, can you understand how your opponent works, thinks and sees the entire situation. Still, as soon as you do this, the conversation will run smoothly – and you will be able to know from the very beginning what is there that is being hidden in their minds. By this way, you will have a great advantage – one that will offer you the possibility of knowing more than what the opponent tells you which, in most of the cases, is not at all true – or valid for the next period. In addition, it would be so much more important to know how to talk to others, since this is the main aspect to keep in mind when you head to any negotiation. People often forget this part, mainly because they are way to focused and interested in following a strategy based on steps – one, two, three and so on so forth. Make sure you are not one of those who forget to do certain things that can help them grow and develop!

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2. Nonverbal Behavior

Another great predictor in winning a negotiation is the nonverbal behavior – to be quite honest, this is one of the most important. Believe it or not, you can both learn and predict a lot of things just by watching the person and learning the way they are. On the contrary, it is imperative that you know where to start and where to stop, due to the fact that in certain cases, people might start to be suspicious because of this. Let’s take for instance a general example – your opponent staying in a certain posture, trying to talk to you and convince you of his or her intentions. As soon as you see this coming, what you need to do next is copy his or her behavior and do just the same. By this way, you will be able to conduct and control the conversation, no matter what.

3. Be Open

In the vast majority of the cases, people are extremely stubborn and end up fighting over something they don’t even believe in. If you want to avoid such things from happening, bear in mind that it is important to be open – and keep your solutions always ready to be improved. By this way, you will have a great advantage and if you play it good, you can even make the opponent agree with you upon a mutual solution – one that he or she thought it was their decision but, in fact, it was yours.

4. Smile

As in any other case of life, smiling is the best way to approach any problem. Basically, the idea in here is that through a smile you can share a lot of emotions – and this one will be explained just as a method of approaching life with a smile upon your face, even though your opponent might be trying to play with your nerves in the worst possible way. Departing with this idea into our minds, you will definitely keep in mind that things are ought to be bright and shine, or at least thought as if they were. In any negotiation, the wisest one is the one bound to win it all. In which part do you enter?

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5. Be Calm

The bigger the reward, the tougher the discussions – this is a reality all of us are aware of. Still, as time goes by and the negotiation ends, you might start to realize that keeping a calm posture might just have helped you win it all. The explanation is simple – once you are calm, and your opponent extremely aggressive, at a certain moment he or she will stop being angry due to the fact that he or she will enter a state of ego depletion – and will stop thinking rationally. This is definitely the moment in which you are ought to enter and make the changes in your favor. These being said, what are you still waiting for? Have you already managed to make up a strategy good enough to help you win in negotiations?


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