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Many people today are becoming increasingly more aware of ways to save money.  Whether it it’s amassing coupons, taking advantage of online sales and promotions or simply comparison shopping with several stores, consumers today are extremely wise when it comes to budgeting their money.  Did you know there are also several things you can do to save money on your auto insurance?  Finding affordable auto insurance is not as hard as you might think: continue reading to learn about five ways you can ensure you get the cheapest car insurance.

1. Combine Policies

First, many insurance companies in NJ, PA, and Maryland offer a discount if you purchase multiple policies with them.  For example, by purchasing homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance with the same company you are likely to be offered a multi-policy discount.  You may also qualify for a discount if you insure all your vehicles with the same company or if you insure all of your children who are of driving age on the same policy.

2. Drive Safely

This tip probably won’t come as a surprise to most individuals.  It is a fairly well-known fact that safe drivers typically receive better rates when it comes to auto insurance.  This is simply because you are less likely to be involved in a moving violation or automobile accident and report a claim.  If you have a clean driving record and haven’t had any accidents or citations for several years, be sure to ask your insurance company about qualifying for their safe driver discount.

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3. Carpool (Drive Less)

While it stands to reason that safe drivers should be awarded a discount, did you know that if you drive fewer miles per year than average you may also qualify for a discount?  If you carpool or drive low miles each year be sure to ask your insurance company if they offer a low mileage discount.  By carpooling or taking advantage of public transportation, you may be able to save money on your car insurance.

4. Ask About Other Discounts

Many individuals are aware of the multi-policy and safe driver discounts; however, there are additional discounts you may not be informed about.  Ask your insurance company to give you a list of all available discounts and you might be surprised at all your options.  Below are some examples of real-life discounts offered by insurance companies:

  • Teens with good grades
  • Individuals over the age of 50/55
  • Retired individuals
  • Specific business groups, alumni or professional associations
  • Group plans offered by employers

5. Maintain Good Credit

Though this last bit of advice may be considered somewhat controversial, many insurance companies offer discounts to individuals with good credit scores.  Whether you agree with this or not, many insurance companies rationalize that people who maintain good credit tend to report fewer claims.  Therefore, if you want to find an additional way to ensure cheap auto insurance, take care to pay your bills on time and review your credit history periodically.

Finally, another word of advice is simply to review your driving habits and insurance premiums at least once a year.  An annual review will keep you updated on your current discounts as well as prompt you to ask if there are additional discounts for which you now qualify.

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