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Below is a list of the top five technology tools to help you run your business better and keep your overhead costs low.

  1. Business software updates should take place whether by updating the current versions using online services or by purchasing new software it will start to show and improve business performance overall. Particular software is required for business to ensure secure data transfer and anti-virus protection. It is important to be cautious of software stating it works for an answering service as it may not be compatible with the type phones being used. Another consideration is it would be best to consider a professional service who can provide specific answering service software that will work and provide the benefits a company needs. Another consideration is to set an email capability for patients to communicate with office for non-emergency purposes. This will keep the answering service available for important patient needs and still provide patient customer service.
  2. Renewal of company policy and procedure is a valuable task for business operation. The planning and implementation of improvements should be followed for company policy and procedure including any necessary changes to improve hiring policy plus any updates or creation of a customer service procedure to will ensure all patients are treated equally.
  3. Because an answering service is valuable for a business to have there should be certain details put into place for management and usage. Personnel of an answering service company will be professional and know how to manage phone calls but it is best to double check with company for the best service and the best price. In most cases a medical answering service is professionally trained and can provide exactly what is needed for a doctor’s office or clinic. Before determining what medical answering service to go with it is important to ensure that HIPPA rules and requirements met but also when a patient phones to speak with a nurse or doctor the answering service can handle the situation.
  4. Weekly staff meetings can improve oral and written communications. During the meeting, the office can further discuss weekly issues. The weekly meeting is helpful to cover any answering service matter that others should be aware. For example, if there are answering service changes or a new updates the meeting is the time to make changes be known. Should personnel need to be refreshed on answering service updates or should there be new office personnel that are in need of training as to how messages are retrieved on the answering service a time can be planned and scheduled for training so everyone interested in learninig can be available. This type of open communication is a fantastic idea for the entire office to meet and discuss any current or future events that might take place so all personnel are continuously aware and on track.
  5. Improvement of computer hardware is a benefit to running the business. Because a computer is used every day for business procedures and business activity, computer equipment itself and the hardware inside should be kept updated. Other hardware items to be kept running smoothly are the network hardware, as it will avoid any interruptions when personnel are transferring or receiving secure data. By ensuring network hardware has been updated not only will data be secure there will also be benefits to the installed software being used as the software will operate smoothly and accurate as it should. The updating of computer hardware will be of benefit to the answering service as the phone system should be in good status to ensure everything will run correctly.
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