Congratulations on launching your first startup, mate! Still, as amazing as the business kick-start may feel, you shouldn’t let initial success go to your head just yet. As a newbie startupper, you’ll need to keep tabs on various aspects of business conduct to ensure smooth operation, minimal running costs, peak productivity, and long-term sustainability. If you want to take your up-and-coming brand to the top industry tiers fast, here are the top seven tools you can use to organize business conduct like a pro.

1. Evernote

An online collaboration tool that quickly won the hearts of digital entrepreneurs, Evernote can help you store critical business information in the form of text, photos, voice memos, webpage, or handwritten notes in one digital place. In addition to simplifying idea development, Evernote syncs the data across smart devices, which means you’ll be able to access work-related info in a matter of clicks from your tablet, laptop, phone, or PC whenever and wherever you need to.

2. Hootsuite

A straightforward dashboard startups use to keep track of social media activity, Hootsuite allows entrepreneurs to save time and energy handling tasks across social platforms. With Hootsuite, social media marketing and management is as easy as ABC: in a few clicks, you can automatically schedule social content posting, scale its ROI, and protect your brand name on social networks.

3. Dropbox

A perfect smart tool for up-and-coming businesses, Dropbox is designed to facilitate file storage and syncing via cloud service, thus helping young teams keep up with the workflow and simplify file sharing and access. On top of simplifying exchange and access business documents, photos, and videos, Dropbox allows team members to actively collaborate and edit files within a single shared folder, which can be a real time and energy saver on extremely busy days.

4. Active Collab

If you need a straightforward and flexible project management tool that has it all, go with Active Collab. A cost-efficient alternative to Wrike, Active Collab allows startups to manage tasks and deadlines, communicate with other team members, track time per task, keep tabs on expenses, plan the budget, issue invoices to clients, and handle all important aspects of the workflow in a matter of clicks.

5.  Expensify

Keeping track of purchases can get tricky once your startup’s operation catches momentum. To make the financial part of the business venture go easier on your time, nerves, and budget, use Expensify to track expenses, import credit card statements, create and classify expense reports, and upload business receipts. For maximum ease of use, Expensify features a mobile app which allows you to scan receipts and automatically assign the data to the platform.

Ready to take your business to the top? Add these smart tools to your startup’s bag of tricks and peak business results won’t fall short. Good luck!