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Money for the keyboard.

When it comes to blogging, you need to know that there are more then One way to earn money online. There are different types of profitable blogging online and writing is one of them.

I would like to tell you in this post about 5 different ways to blog and become or stay profitable online for yourself or your business.

And you need to know that being profitable online, paying your bills, employee and taxes is not easy at all. that’s why you need to know at least 2 different ways of blogging in order to stay in this game.

Without any further delay, lets start with the topic

5 Types of Profitable Blogging

General Blogging

In this category I like to put general blogging without any specific orientation or niche, and all types of blogging mentioned below can fit in this category. Like personal blogging, media blogs, microblogging and so on, usually if you’re just starting with blogging and making money online, this type of blogging is the most profitable one. Just look at the mashable or, they are completely different, buy they are profitable and useful to people. With general blogging you can expect to expand faster and make more money, most common methods are advertising, sponsored news, product creation, affiliate marketing etc…


I never tried vlogging, but there are tons of people who did and they are proof that this type of blogging is here to stay. Vlogging is actually video blogging, and someone who uses videos to express their opinion or expertise online is called vlogger. The best place to start vlogging is youtube, there are many different vloggers out there who made more money with video than from writing. You probably heard for iJustine, Shaytards, Fred and many others, if you want to choose funny and profitable way of blogging, choose vlogging.

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One of the most interesting way of blogging, and one of the most easiest one for sure. It’s called micro, because content shared via this type of blogging is much smaller and easier to make. Usually it’s consisted of  short sentences, videos or audio, today one of the most popular micro blogging platforms are twitter and tumblr. How do people make money with micro blogging, well they usually gain a lot of followers and loyal customers, and they promote sponsored messages like tweets or short promotional material. The more interesting your short messages are, the more money and followers you’ll get, try it out, it’s really that easy.

Niche Blogging

I love this category, MakeMoneyInLife is niche or genre blog, this means that we cover one topic or few subtopics about one bigger topic. In my case, it’s finance and business, it’s easier to maintain this type of blog and if you choose the right niche, you could strike gold online. You can make money by providing solution or product that can help that certain niche. Just like this post for example, my niche is interested in ways to make money blogging. The best way to make money with niche blog is to provide value, create user base around yourself and run the blog as any other offline business, you will make money for sure.

Corporate Blogging

Last but not least, some people don’t like this type of blogging, but I don’t judge before I learn about something or someone. Corporate blogging is useful if you want to expand your big business and you want to stay in contact with your customers and learn what they want and need. Making money in corporate blogging is easy, basically you will get paid to run and write a blog about the specific company, the more companies you find, the bigger your account becomes. If they don’t have blog, it’s even better, contact them and show them your skills, bigger companies are always more welcome to pay a bit extra for quality service.

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If you have any other type of blogging ideas, and you know that there is market for it, please share with us, karma will take care of the rest. Sometimes it’s not all in the money, but helping others, and I’m sure that this post will help many to choose their way of blogging.

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