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 Have you ever dreamt you could earn money from any place? Would you like to find a job you truly enjoy doing, yet the major factor to drive your choice is money? Well, believe it or not, this is one of the most common misconception all of us tend to share at a certain moment in our lives – and it is totally understandable. Due to the fact that money is necessary to make it through the day, there is no wonder why it is a driving factor – but should not be the only one, since you might be able to earn money doing what you least expect. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to discover 5 unimaginable jobs that help you earn real money!

  1. Oshiya

Never heard of it before? Do not worry, this is why we are here. An Oshiya is someone who pushes people into the subway at the most crowded hours, so that traffic can be further on made possible. The job has been created in Tokyo, because of the need of it. Since so many people are taking the common means of transport, doors would not be able to close as expected, reason why an Oshiya appeared and thus, people have started to be paid in order to help the trains leave. Moreover, this job started to appear in New York and Chicago as well, in part because of the need of it. The problem, though, is that you need to be aggressive enough to make it work and push enough people into the train, so that the doors get to close as desired.

  1. Cuddler
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As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you are able to make money in life by being a professional cuddler. Of course, this is not an activity for which usually one would pay money, but if you search it closely, you might find that a professional cuddler is a job from head to toe. Nowadays, people are extremely focused on their career, jobs, and rigid aspects of life, reason why they lack the human side – and wish to get it back. A good opportunity for them to do so is through a professional cuddler, someone who is able to take them into their arms for some minutes and help them feel relieved and happy once again. By this way, they are able to refill themselves with affection, positivism, optimism and be ready to face a new day with no problem whatsoever. In addition, the job has started to be requested more and more, due to the high number of clients which appear overnight. Thus, turn yourself into a part-time professional cuddler and spread the joy to others as well!

  1. Bridesmaid

Even though a bridesmaid is not paid when being at a wedding, it does not happen for the professional ones. Being a stand-in bridesmaid gives you the opportunity of earning a nice revenue by acting as the bride’s friend. In reality, these bridesmaids do not know anyone at the wedding, since they are actors who are paid in order to make the wedding look and feel ravishing. This job started to attract a lot of eyes when the use of the stand-in bridesmaids made the wedding astonishing – a number or ten girls, all in the same dress and with the same haircut next to a beautiful bride is basically one picture that will be seen and admired by loads of people when entering the house. In short, the more bridesmaids are there, the better – regardless of real ones or some stand-ins.

  1. Mourner
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Just as a stand-in bride, a professional mourner makes sure that a funeral is perfect from head to toe. In such a moment, and especially if they share a certain tradition, mourning is extremely efficient and paid for. This is the main reason why, especially in the Eastern society, funerals have loads of mourners who cry for the one who is taken to the grave. Of course, this is not the most desirable job – but definitely one you have rarely thought of, at any moment.

  1. Chicken Sexer

Such a job requires maximum attention and patience, since a chicken sexer must look into each chicken and see whether or not he is a male – or a female. By known their genre, the chicken sexers are able to tell which bird goes where, so that they will be able to have a group of male chickens and a group of female ones. Further, companies use them and create the necessary products required on the market. Still, due to the fact that the job requires quite a lot of time to deal with, there is no wonder why a necessary deal of attention is totally asked for such positions.


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