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Choosing which college to go to and which course to study are some of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in life. Get this right, and you could be on the road to a career that brings you a great salary. Of course, you’ll have to work hard and pay attention, but as long as you take your studying seriously, you’ll do very well indeed. If you’re looking for an unusual college course that will lead you to a career that brings you lots of money, here are some suggestions.


If you’re interested in antiques and have a good eye for understanding what people want in their homes, then perhaps a career as an auctioneer could be for you. There is a degree in auctioneering at Harrisburg Area Community College that will teach you everything you need to know about this particular – fairly niche – job. The course includes auctioneering law, how to appraise merchandise, how to communicate with the audience, and how to prepare for an auction. An auctioneer can make an average of $50,000, but many make a lot more than that.

Comic Art

Comic art is taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. You will learn how to choose the right colors, how to work out character development, how to create storyboards, and how the comic book publishing industry works, amongst other things. Job prospects after you’ve completed the course include becoming an animator, a cartoonist, an illustrator, or a comic book author, all of which can be extremely well paid.


In geology class, you will learn all about how the earth works, and how to predict natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and floods. The work of a geologist is hugely important because they attempt to prevent these disasters from happening. There are many different schools that offer geology as a major (after all, it is extremely important), and you can find out about them at to work out which one is best for you.


Egyptology is – not surprisingly, perhaps – concerned with Egypt in both its ancient and present day forms. Students will learn about the languages and cultures, the science and technology, and the politics of Egypt at Brown University. If this doesn’t sound like the kind of degree that will net you a good income, think again: you can become a specialized archeologist with it, which is a great career to get into. You could also become an Egyptologist or historian.

Family Enterprise

You may not think that you need a degree if you’re going into the family business, but a degree in family enterprise from Stetson University could actually help you out a lot. You’ll learn what it takes to run a family concern, and modules include personal, professional, and leadership development, asset protection, and family enterprise ownership. Once you have this degree, you will have learned things that would normally take many years of on the job experience. It means you can be more successful in a shorter amount of time, and keep your family business profitable.

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