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There is a long list of benefits to having a security camera system. Whether you want to keep your property safer or keep track of who is stopping by, a wire-free security monitoring system can get the job done, all while giving you peace of mind. Here is why you should consider going wire-free.

1. Wire-Free, Hassle-Free

Today’s contemporary wire-free home security systems are easier to install than ever before, and in most cases, you can install without the assistance of a professional. That’s because these high-tech systems are free of all those messy cables that make installation a hassle. Getting a security system up and running is easy. Simply attach the camera mount in your desired location and pop on the battery pack to get started.

2. Saves Money

Whether it is an expensive installation fee or the cost associated with running the security system, some security systems can cost you more than you bargained for in the end. With wire-free options you can keep you money in your wallet. This is especially beneficial for small businesses who are looking to install security cameras for commercial purposes. You can read more here to know about companies that offer professional security cameras installation services. These professionals ensure that you protect your business from possible cases of theft and crime.

You can install a wire-free security system wherever you want to when you don’t have to worry about all of the cables getting in the way. Don’t fret about where to plug in the cameras. Wire-free systems are battery powered, which means you can install them wherever you want. And, many wire-free systems have low bandwidth usage, so you don’t have to be cautious about depleting your internet bandwidth when you are running your wire-free security system.

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3. Conserves Energy

In addition to saving money, wire-free systems can save energy, too. These security camera systems are designed to run on standby mode until movement within range is detected. Once movement is detected, the camera will turn on and begin recording. The security camera will continue to record for a custom period of time before it returns to standby mode. Wire-free security systems are battery powered. Rest assured that you won’t need to worry about constantly recharging the batteries of your system; a long-lasting two cell lithium ion battery can capture 14 to 17 weeks of recordings. That translates to around 168 motion recording clips each week for up to 17 weeks on one single battery charge.

4. Secure Connection

Standalone wire-free systems do not need the internet to function; however, a connection is required in order to access the system remotely from a smartphone, tablet or personal computer via connection apps. Additionally, you can connect your system directly to a TV to watch live video feeds or to review recorded video footage.

5. Great Range and Flexibility

Whether you choose to install them indoors or outdoors is your call. Wire-free security camera systems use an adaptive DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology to reduce the total amount of interference that results from neighboring mobile or Wi-Fi or signals. These signals secure the security system as it creates a channel-hopping sequence generated by its own receiver that the cameras can follow. Additionally, wire-free security monitoring systems have a 600-foot range. This ensures what you want to cover, is truly covered.

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Whatever your reason for taking security into your own hands, a wire-free system can get the job done. Whether you want great range and flexibility or if you are looking for a system that is easy to install, wire-free systems offer a solution.


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