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Are you just about beginning to start your LSAT prep? Here are 5 efficient ways to make sure your LSAT prep gets off on the right foot.

1. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate!

When you get down to it, when your focus needs to be just incredible and when you are working your mind to accumulate and comprehend loads of information, this is the state where you most likely have been before in your educational career. That means no T.V., no cat videos on YouTube, no texting your significant other, and definitely no Candy Crush! Save all of those things for when you take a break.

Prepping for the LSAT means re-routing your mind to think in a different way than what it is used to. When you try to be the king or queen of multi-tasking while you are doing your LSAT prep, it’s going to distract your attention away from the task at hand. Sure, there may be some distractions when you’re taking your LSAT test, but none of them will be YouTube sensation ‘grumpy cat’.

2. Take breaks often

You will need to learn to keep your focus for about 1 hour and 45 minutes because that’s how long the first three sections of the LSAT lasts. Staying focused for that long without a break requires tons of practise and over time, it’ll come to you. But in the meantime, when you feel like your brain is shutting down, take a break from your LSAT prep. A 15-minute break is perfect to get back up on that horse and onwards to glory! Make a note of how long you have worked until you needed a break and try to increase that number over time.

3. Study often, every day if possible

There may not be much to memorize on an LSAT, but your brain needs to keep working to be able to stay ahead of the challenging demands of this test. Sporadic studying only on weekends isn’t going to help. Make the LSAT prep a regular part of your daily routine. Begin at least 3 months before the test. You can give yourself a day or two off in the middle, but try to make your study schedule to be an everyday thing, even if it’s just for an hour or two.

4. Review your work often and be critical

If you have ever finished a test paper and have gotten all the logic games right, don’t just give yourself a hi-five and a fist bump and move on to something else. Review your work carefully to ascertain that it wasn’t just lady luck smiling upon you. This will ensure that you don’t just carry on blindly with the same technique or approach. If you have ruled that out, the fact that you have actually gotten all the answers right by yourself is sure to give you a boost of confidence.

5. Obtain enough sleep and exercise

Adequate sleep and exercise keeps your mind and body fit and keeps your brain functioning. All this could positively impact your LSAT scores.

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About the author:This was contributed by Randy Isbell of Manhattan, NY.

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