A lot companies are now trying to be much more sustainable than they have in the past. Energy efficiency will save money over the long term and it will also make a difference to the environment.

With so many energy saving options out there, many companies are unsure how to start. But, in actuality, it can be quite easy to save energy in the work place. With just a few small steps, big changes can happen.

For those companies who are just starting out, here are 5 ways to save energy in the workplace:

Check the thermostat – varying temperature settings can dramatically increase the amount of energy being wasted in an office. Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature during the day, and then programme it to decrease once everyone goes home.

Encourage sleep mode – running electronics are a huge drain not only on energy but also on business costs. Encourage employees to set their computers, scanners and copiers to sleep mode after a few minutes of non-use.

Set the lights – have the main lights in the office set to turn off once the day is over. Additionally, install motion detecting lights, so that when a room is empty the lights stay off, but once it is in use they will turn on automatically.

Use less paper – offices can be a massive waste of paper, encourage employees not to print out unnecessary pages, and make the use of scanners available. If employees can access items via pdf from their desk, they will be less likely to want to print everything out.

Recycle – it might seem amazing, but many companies are still not recycling. Many things in an office, from paper, to ink and toner cartridges, to boxes can all be recycled. Work with a local recycling firm to pick up your items if the building does not already supply the service.


As you can see, none of these steps will prove to be quite demanding on employees, but at the same time, can make a massive difference in the energy efficiency with your office.

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