The onset of technology in the business world has ensured that company processes are slicker and easier to manage. But, technology has been a keen player in making sure that businesses, irrespective of their size, can grow. Growth, for any business, is vital. For the small, or fledgling, company growth is the ultimate dream. After all, business growth is a marker of success. But, it also ensures that you are remaining profitable. In a cutthroat business world, ensuring profitability and longevity is vital.


Even a mere matter of a decade ago, technology was in its early stages. Twenty years ago companies could not communicate via email, text or smartphones. Now, communication and technology is aiding business growth. The reason is simple. Technology is now almost instant. This helps business owners achieve quicker turnaround times. What is more, the local business can now showcase their services online. This turns a small, community based company into a major global player. Yes, technology has been a tremendous player in helping businesses achieve growth.


Now, however, there is a need for businesses to adopt newer technologies. This can be used to make internal processes easier to manage. But it can be used to reach out to more people. In short, technology is a great way of expanding your business.


Here are five ways that you can use technology in your venture to aid with business growth.


  1.    The Use of Mobile Apps


Apps have become more prevalent in the business world. But, many entrepreneurs think that only big corporations can use this kind of technology. This is simply untrue. Now, mobile apps and their development are more affordable than ever. This means that smaller, less-established companies can use apps in their business. This ensures that you reach out to a far larger number of people. Existing customers can use the app to browse their account. They can use it to buy services, all from the convenience of their smart device.

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Mobile app development in London can ensure that you are in the right place at the right time. Now, customers don’t want to wait until they are at a desktop or laptop to browse the internet. Having a customised app for your business can reach out to a new demographic. But, it can be seen as a great way of ensuring that your business is seen as a major player. What is more, mobile app development is relatively inexpensive. So, you don’t have to have a mega buck’s budget to invest in this kind technology.



An app can ensure that you remain competitive in an already spirited marketplace. While some CEOs believe that a responsive website can do the same job as an app, this is not strictly true. While a responsive website is vital, an app can be fully customised and fitted with additional extras. If you want to go beyond information, an app is a great way of reaching out to new people and can help to push your business forward.


  1.    Using Cloud Technology


The many benefits of cloud technology have been reiterated a million times. But, this doesn’t make it any less true. Using cloud technology as an internal means is a positive way of encouraging productivity. You can also achieve slicker processes and quicker turnaround time too. Cloud technology ensures that you and your employees can work anywhere in the world. This is a great way of giving your business global reach. But, it can also make your business a global operation. With real-time collaboration, you can ensure that your company is more flexible in its approach. For many entrepreneurs, they don’t have a disaster recovery backup plan. But, with cloud computing the need for this is lessened as your companies data is contained within the cloud, or the internet. Complex disaster recovery plans can become a thing of the past. You can ensure that you are concentrating on your core business tasks which, of course, feeds into the growth-factor.

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  1.    A Kick-Ass Website


Okay, so having a website is hardly revolutionary. But, a kick-ass website? Well, that’s a different thing altogether. Using cutting edge and innovative technology within your website is one of the best ways of ensuring growth. A website should be easy to read and easy to manoeuvre around. Your customers don’t want to spend time looking at ways to get around your website. Bear in mind that it takes a consumer only 5 seconds to decide if they are going to buy from a company based on their website. This means that your website needs to be all singing and all dancing. This is one of the easiest ways of ensuring growth for your company. An amazing website will ensure that you are getting leads. Having live chat functions on your site means that prospective customers can contact you easily. They don’t have to send emails, or pick up the phone. Instant information is the key to your success. So, use live chat functions on your website to aid growth in the right way.


  1.    Honing the Online World For Your Business: Digital Marketing Strategies


Digital marketing strategies are the key to your success. SEO, PPC and social media are all fundamental ways of ensuring business growth. Having a responsive website is vital. But, designing a digital marketing campaign with mobile sites as the first point of call is essential.  More people than ever use mobile devices to access information. The laptop and the desktop are seemingly becoming old hat. With this in mind, you need to make mobile your focus. Hone your digital marketing strategies to the mobile marketplace as a starting point and you will see positive and holistic growth for your company.

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  1.    A Well-Crafted Mobile Technology Plan


We’ve talked a lot about mobile technology, but that’s because it is vital that you have a mobile strategy in place. This is because that mobile computing can offer a streamlined service to your customers. This ensures that you are managing customer relationships with ease. After all, this is the key to growth: happy customers. Repeat customers are your ‘bread and butter’. But, new clients can also feel the benefits of a mobile technology plan. Gear your business towards the world of mobile users and you are onto a winner.


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